oh wow….lookit the pretty cover…

heart__soul_progress_copy.jpgI love that blue.

This is the cover for Mike/Leandra & Mal/Kelsey’s story, coming out in April. You can read an excerpt here.


 In the shades of night, when the evil are free to seduce the weak and indulge their desires, there are still those who will fight to the death for the innocent.

They are called The Hunters.

They are at the heart of a sensuous and strange new world… 

Two men. Two women. Paranormal warriors and eternal lovers who keep the undead in line by destroying those who have gone rogue. They serve as Judge, Jury, and Executioner. They are as merciless as their prey.  

And they are its soul… 

But in this strange enclave of midnight retribution and swift justice, some will come to discover a hunger they’d never imagined, a love that crosses unnatural boundaries, and a blood reckoning with a damnable past that could save the Hunters or destroy them.