Arguing with your characters

Shawn Kline: Hey, remember me?

Me: Yes, I remember you.  Go away.  I have a deadline to meet.

Shawn: Too bad. I want my story.

Me:  Too bad.  Like I said, I have a deadline.  Go away. Besides, you’re still a kid. You have to grow up more.

Shawn: Kiss ass.  I was a kid ten years ago when you first wrote Nikki’s story.  I’m not a kid now.  I want my story.

Me:  And I want to meet my deadline.  And I have this dragon idea I’m playing.  There’s also two stories left in Mythe, I need to write a fantasy and I have to think of a second book for my contract.  You’re out of luck.  I don’t want to mess with you right now.

Shawn: Yeah, you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be arguing with me.

Me: You started it.  Can’t you just go away?  I’ll write your story if and when I have time and there’s actually a story to tell. 

Shawn: (laughing) You know there’s a story.  I think you even know who you want to put me with.  When do I get to meet her?

Me: (groaning)  Just go away…

This is why I hate reading thru my books.  I keep meeting these people I thought I had tucked inside a neat little niche.  I read the books and these people attack me.