Turn the Page…I’m heading your way! Signing Saturday!

Saturday I’m signing at Turn the Page.  I think you’ve still got time to pre-order personalized books if you can’t attend.  They ship across the globe.  I’d love to sign a book for you.


Turn the Page Bookstore

19th Anniversary Book Signing

with Nora Roberts, Linda Lael Miller, Maya Banks & more

July 19th 12-2pm

Boonsboro, MD

Want signed books from me?

Info on how to order

 We leave today.  It’s our anniversary.  Taking the scenic route on the drive there.

If you can attend, I’d love to meet you!


Friday rambles

I spent yesterday updating my website.  This is probably the biggest change I’ve done with it in…um, forever.  Well, since I got a for real website and left yahoo ten years ago.  At some point, I need to quit doing it myself, but I have control issues. ;)  How do you think it looks?

I had plans of doing some yard work this weekend–I wanted to plant some sort of flowering tree in the front yard, and then ivy and clematis on the pergola so it would eventually help shade it.  But I fell Wednesday.  And my right ankle has this lovely swelling thing going on. I can walk. With pain, but I can walk.  However, I don’t think gardening is advisable.  Which really bites, because I’m never in the mood for it and I was kinda really wanting to do it for once.

Sadly, my ankle doesn’t hurt enough to get me out of grocery shopping.  I guess I’ll spend more time reading-I’m in the middle of the most epic glom ever–rereading all of the In Death books by J.D. Robb.  And I need read the new Irish books–O’Dwyer cousins, I think?  I have them, just waiting to read.  I’m probably going to buy copies again this summer… cuz I’ll be at Turn The Page.  Again.

I keep my appearances down on the sidebar, but I’ll be signing at Turn The Page in July with Nora Roberts (gah) Linda Lael Miller (gah!) and more…the full list of authors is here.  If you can come, that would be awesome. But if you can’t come, you can still order signed books from me.  And you should totally do that, because it makes me feel awesome when I’m signing books at Nora Roberts’ store.  They have four of my titles listed, but if there are others you want, you can use the contact form and see if they can order the titles you’d like to have signed.  Also… they ship internationally, so if you like outside the States, this is probably the ideal way to get a signed title from me.


Break For Me



BREAK FOR ME, the second novella in the Secrets & Shadows series, is available.  It’s about Jensen, the middle Bell sibling…and the DA she has to work with from time to time.  He sort of drives her crazy.  The feeling is mutual.


The sight of her sitting with Guy Miller, one of the deputies with county, had him wanting to chew nails. Dean kept an easy smile on his face as he nodded at everybody, noting that Guy sat next to Ali, leaving a vacant spot between him and Jensen.

Maybe they weren’t there together.

Didn’t keep him from wanting to do something stupid, like put his hand on her shoulder, beat his chest, anything to make it clear he had an interest here.

Not that it was returned.

Jensen’s eyes, caught between brown and green and glinting with a sharp edge in that moment, met his and she lifted a brow.

“Hello, Dean.”

The chill in her eyes would have sent a smart man running. But Dean supposed if he was smart, he wouldn’t still be chasing after her, hoping against hope that something inside her would soften, that he’d get an opening—that the interest he’d seen spark in her eyes once or twice would flare. Just a chance. That was all he needed.

The slightest opening.

Read more

Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks | Google Play


If you have read it (and BURN FOR ME) and wouldn’t mind taking the time, a review posted to Amazon and/or BN would be very much appreciated and they really do help.  The more reviews a book has, the more they show up in the search algorithms, which makes them easier for new readers to find.  My publishers also look at them…crucial things since I’m trying to sell another series.


Signing this weekend

Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort
100 North Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32118
Ph: 386-254-8200

Saturday, Feb 8th

5pm – 7pm

Our 2014 Charity Author Signing will be benefitting Habitat for Humanity. The participating authors are listed below, they include all Featured Authors, and a few authors who will only be at the signing.

You can let us know you’re coming, and share the information with your friends, by checking out the signing’s FB event page!

The signing is a FREE activity, and is open to the public. Even if you’re unable to attend the weekend long convention, we welcome you to come meet the participating authors. Books will be available to purchase at the signing, and a portion of the proceeds will go to our charity partner. Please limit books brought from home to be signed to 3 total. Thank you.


Coastal Magic… prizes, fun stuff…

Post is sticky. Newer ones may be below.

SecretSantaContestHeader2 copy

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, my lovely reader friends!! Now that Thanksgiving has passed (and while we’re all trying to fit back into our clothes after yesterday’s dinner) it’s time to start passing out presents!!! Ok, maybe not ALL the presents, but how about some virtual “Secret Santa” presents to our favorite characters in the urban fantasy and paranormal romance world, and some very real convention registrations for two of YOU!!

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NJRW Conference in a nutshell

So this year, for the second time, I got to do something cool… and this year was the first year I’d done something quite like this, so it was really cool that I was able to do it twice.  Back in March, I was asked to speak for the Washington Area Romance Writers and give a workshop.  I was still reeling over the awesome of that when I got another email, asking if I’d be interested in doing a workshop for the New Jersey Romance Writers at their annual conference.

I did a workshop on Writing Hot, since that’s kinda one thing I know.  I also figured out a way to expand on the exercise I do in that workshop and make a whole new workshop–character sketches… :)  So, hey, I’m ready to do this workshop/speaker thing again.

The good points with NJRW:

  • I didn’t fall on my face with my workshop!
  • People laughed and seemed to enjoy it
  • I met some new people which is always cool
  • Hung out with a bookclub that came down to visit
  • Sat in on some very good workshops and wished I had a double so I could be in two places at once
  • Had a breakthrough during Madeline Hunter’s synopsis workshop.
  • Thanks to the synopsis workshop, I plotted out…four…I kid you not…four books on the drive back home. Yes, it’s a synopsis workshop, but hey.  My brain works weird.
  • Very much enjoyed the workshops by Connie Brockway & Eloisa James, Carla Neggers, Margaret Mallory and the talks given by Diana Crosby, Virginia Kantra & Connie Brockway.

All in all, it was a great weekend.  I went out to dinner with some readers Friday and Saturday night, hung out with Jane Porter a little-we never get enough time to talk, but she’s a sweetheart.  Talked with a bookseller & fellow writer friend Stacey out of NYC.

Bad points? Not a one.

Many, many thanks to the NJRW group for having me out.

If you’re looking to go to a workshop-say you’ve been dying to try Nationals, but can’t swing it, but New Jersey is more doable?  Go.  You’ll get a wide variety of workshops geared for both the pubbed and unpubbed writer.  You’ll meet a lot of people and trust me, these are wonderful ladies, very welcoming to the newby.



Going… going…gone

Well, not quite yet.  But I will be.

Saturday, I’ll be signing in Iselin, NJ for the NJRW Put your Heart in a Book conference and the public book fair.  Deets!

Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Iselin, NJ

Saturday, October 19, 4:00-5:30 pm..

Also, there still tickets available, I believe, to the Southern Magic Luncheon on November 2.  I’ll be there.

For info, see:

Southern Magic Luncheon


November 2, 2013

Birmingham AL


I’ve got Qs asking when I’ll hit other areas of the country. I’m trying to spread out more as time and my budget allows. This year, I’ve been invited to speak at two conferences which made it easier, but travel is sometimes hard because of my kids, work schedules (my husband’s) and school etc. I’m working on it but sometimes it’s just not easy to work out. Thanks for understanding!


RT Recap

So RT 2013 is over.

It was fun.

This was the view driving into Kansas City.

The registration line looked line this…

rt line


And there were lots of cool publishers and cool panels and cool people. Including the guy who wrote this…

I met him.  I fricking met the guy who created Rambo.  I was starstruck.

first blood


And then there was this speech by this awesome writer who made me weepy.


Meljean, you rock.

There was a cool panel with me, Smart Bitches’ Sarah Wendell, Jaye Wells, Liliana Hart and Mandi from Smexy Books.  In a nutshell, we talked about social media and how to make it work for you…and how not to be a douche.  It was fun.  We should do it again.

And then there was this…

I won that for Blade Song.  I don’t remember my speech.  I know I didn’t fall flat on my face.  I know Laura Kinsale Ilona Andrews and David Morrell and Jude Devereaux and John Scalzi and all these other amazing authors were up on that same stage, accepting their awards.  And I got one, too.  I still can’t puzzle that one out.

And my husband was there in the audience…I can remember that.

All in all, RT 2013 was all kinds of awesome.


Just a reminder… get some books signed by me!

I’m signing at the Turn the Page Friday… they’ve got several of my titles in, including my newest releases.  Those are listed on the page, but if you contact the store, they do have other titles on hand.

Other authors attending…

The WRW Mega Booksigning will be
Friday April 19th from 11:30 – 2

Scheduled to attend: Mary Burton/Mary Ellen Taylor,Shiloh WalkerDarynda JonesDorien KellyJane Porter,Sarah WendellGrace BurrowesSally MacKenzie,Alethea KontisAllison Leotta,  Hope Ramsay,
Nora Roberts/J.D. RobbChristine TrentWilla Blair,Rebecca YorkP. J. O’Dwyer

This is a great chance to order some signed books from me, especially if you’re international or live on the other side of the country.

Yeah, look at me being all cool and not freaking–damn it, I can’t do it.  I’m at a signing with Nora Roberts.  I need to get my freak out NOW so I don’t ditz on her Friday. Okay, okay.  I’m cool, I’m cool.

If you want to order books, go to the page here

If you live in or around the area and plan to attend, make sure you check out the signing protocol!


Signing in St. Louis tomorrow! Also, a PSA … on being an idiot.


I’m signing in St. Louis tomorrow…

April 6

12:00pm CDT
Rose’s Bookhouse
8935 Veterans Memorial Parkway


If you live in or around the area, I’d love to meet you. I’ll be signing WRECKED and other stuff. I’ll have a few of the Kit books, so you can get one of those, but I mean a very, very few. :)

Just a reminder… if you’d like to get a signed book from me, you’ve got a chance. You can pre-order it from Turn the Page.  I’ll be signing there in two weeks and they’ll take your orders and I’ll sign them once I’m there.  WRECKED and THE REUNITED will be the books they have on stock, as well as a few others, but if you want one of my backlist/older titles, contact them ASAP and they might be able to get it in, but please do not wait too long.  They also ship internationally!!  Order your signed books here.

The Bookpushers were with me with me when I had the idea for WRECKED.  They blogged their thoughts on the book.  They liked it.  :)


And now… a PSA.

Apparently there’s a big petition on returning books to Amazon.  Some authors don’t like it. Some authors don’t like that you can leave negative reviews and some don’t like the fact that the earth is round and that the moon is not made of green cheese, either.

Yes, some people will abuse that system.  This is the fact of life when you’re doing business with the public.

The bottom line is sometimes you buy a book twice.

Sometimes you buy a book and you go to read and the formatting sucks…I handled the formatting on the first 2-3 selfpubbed books and while it’s pretty decent for a newbie, it’s not as good as my later stuff, which I finally paid somebody to do.

Some people buy a book thinking it’s a romance and it turns out it has terrible awful stuff like rape fantasy (yes, I’ve got one of those and I’ve had a few people unhappy because that sexy romance wasn’t sexy, it was filled with lurid stuff where the woman fantasized about being forced). That wasn’t their cuppa and they didn’t like it, which is totally okay, and they returned it.

And then there’s really weird thing where sometimes you buy one book and you get…oh, say…the file of another!  No.  That can’t happen, right?  Um, guess what? It’s happened to me…twiceAnd it wasn’t a formatting issue on my part-it was something publishers or distributors did.  The customer’s best course of action at the time was to return and repurchase.

Sometimes, as much as it pains me to point it out, you just buy a book where the writer either didn’t care about quality, or doesn’t know what quality is.  Where they do crap like:

hey look over their, there go to the market over they’re.


hey!  what DO YOU MEAN i USE CAPS all WRONG!!!!!




She was a pre-madonna

FYI… that was really fricking used in a book. Not prima donna.  But pre-madonna.

other crap like:

sh eopened the door and sawhim standing there.  Sohot. Sosexy. And hers.  Hewasall hers. And just hers  Sh3 just wanted him. Nthing but him. Teh neeed insde her was going t kill her

And it’s pretty damn obvious the book didn’t even get a read through or a basic grammar/spell check on Word, much less finding an editor who’d read it through.

The above stuff does happen.  There’s plenty of that stuff on Amazon.  I see in excerpts, in samples that I download, etc.  It’s why I’ll only read a self-pubbed work if it’s by authors I know or somebody who comes very very highly recommended and then I’ll take it with about five grains of salt. (I’m also saying this with a grain of salt because I’m aware I miss things in my self pubbed works and I’m constantly trying to think of ways to improve.)

Some people can overlook and that is fine. Others don’t want to.  It interferes with the reading experience and if they are spending their hard-earned money, they are entitled to spend on something they will enjoy.

So, authors?  It’s in your best interest to make sure it’s in the best possible shape for the reader.  Get the book formatted.  Hire editors.  Self-published works are not as likely to get the treatment that New York works get-those books get read through multiple times by multiple people, editors, multiple line editors, etc and the cost of that is astronomical.   But you can definitely find a content editor and a line editor.  You can use spell and grammar check.  SmartEdit will cut back on the repetitive words.  You can do plenty of things to shape your work up.

If your return rate is that fricking high, it oughta tell you something-you need to improve your craft.  Most readers are looking for new authors to love…not books to return.  So be that author.

Also, it’s kinda silly for anybody to argue that you know within seven days if you’ll finish the book…oh, silly, silly rabbit.  This?


That’s the top half of one of my print bookshelves. The books are double-stacked.  There are books behind the books in front. On both shelves.  I don’t think I’ve read any of these yet. Except the SEP.

There are two more bookshelves just like it.  And that doesn’t even touch on the ebooks. Readers glom on books.  So you’re kinda lucky that they even cracked open that book to notice there was a problem within in seven days.

Amazon’s rules are set up so that as long as you return the book within a week, you can get a refund.  That’s set up to protect the customer.  Are there jerks who will abuse it?  Yes. Because people are people and some people are jerks.  Just like some authors are out there calling readers scammers and thieves… (FYI…that’s being a jerk.)  But the majority of readers do not set out to buy a book just to return it, rip you off.  Amazon can track that.  If excessive returns are made, their accounts do get flagged. Then those accounts can be shut down.

Dealing with returns is part of being a writer. Traditionally pubbed writers have to deal with it.  And so does this new ‘cutting edge’ part of publishing.  I know.  I do it all and I’ve dealt with it all.

You want to be a writer?  This is part of it.

Tomorrow?  Dealing with bad reviews.  (No.  Not really. I already blogged about that. It involves pink unicorns. Or maybe they were purple.)

ETA:  BTW, hopefully it won’t be an issue, but if you wonder onto my blog because if my PSA… please be civil.  Otherwise, the post won’t remain up for long.  I try to keep this a decent place for my readers and they won’t want to come back if it gets ugly.  If you want to be uncivil and such, you can do it on your own turf.  This is mine.  Disagree all you want…that’s fine.  But do it in without getting ugly.