Lacey’s Game…new-ish release 30% off

So this book had sort of a sneak release date…it’s an EC book and it ended up coming out right in the middle of deadlines, me getting ready for RT and my Secrets & Shadows releases and I didn’t really have time to prepare for the release or anything. So we’ll do it now! For those who like the older, menage style books I did with EC, this is right up your alley…. Also, it’s on sale, 30% off. Lacey’s Game Lacey's Game Lacey Morgan is fed up and heartbroken. Her boyfriend Brogan is all about control and she’s all about breaking through his barriers. Except she can’t seem to do it. Unwilling to settle for only part of him, she takes off, figuring it’s better that way. After all, half of a relationship is worse than none. She settles in with her best friend, hot and sexy photographer Lou, figuring she’ll lick her wounds and give her heart time to heal.

Finding Lacey gone is a punch to the gut. Finding her with another guy is even worse. She isn’t interested in listening to what he has to say, though. Not unless he’s willing to strip himself bare and give up pieces of himself that died long ago.


Lacey stared in shock, dazed delight, in fear as Lou told Brogan the code.

“My rules.”

He won’t… He’ll come in and start a fight, or he’ll leave—

But he came in. Came to her. Went to his knees in front of her. Lacey swore, her fingers trembling as he cupped her face in his hands.

“Your rules,” he muttered. “What are they?”

“You’re willing to play by my rules now?”

He slanted his mouth over her lips and kissed her—it was a punishing kiss, the kind of kiss she’d seen him give Grace, the kind of kiss he’d never bothered to give to her. She was too soft, too fun, too innocent…

She was all but dying with the pleasure as he kissed her.

“What are your rules?” he asked again. Something swelled inside her. Hunger, so wild and raw and fierce…

Lifting up, she braced her back against Lou’s body and reached for Brogan. With eyes that practically burned, Brogan came to her and she was pressed between them.

“Do I get what I want?” she demanded, averting her face when he would have kissed her.

“Tell me what it is,” he snarled, capturing her face by the chin and jerking her back to face him. As his mouth crushed to hers, he said it again. “Tell me what you want.”

But when he went to draw her against him, she shoved him back. Brogan obliged, moving back a few steps, and she continued to watch him, her breath coming in rapid pants as she said, “Everything you can give me.”

Brogan started to reach for her but she shook her head. “No. Not yet. We’re playing this my way.”

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The Unwanted


He wasn’t looking at her, though. He was still studying the file in front of him, his gaze rapt and intent, as though it held the answers to the universe.


Part of her wanted to sulk. The other part of her insisted this was a good thing. She did not need him being aware of how aware she was of him. Didn’t need it at all. But still…

He glanced up, his brown eyes opaque, and she couldn’t read anything in them. There wasn’t a sign of heat, interest…anything. Good, she didn’t want… Focus on the job! She dug her nails into her palm, used the slight pain to center herself. Just in time for her to focus on his words as he said, “I just think it will be better if you wait to talk to the women before you try to get a read on this one.” Then he shrugged and said, “But you’re the hotshot here. If you want to do it now, be my guest.”

Destin shook her head. “You’ve filtered for me too many times, Caleb. I trust you.” She gathered the pages, giving that simple task more attention than needed. Made it easier to not look at him that way.

Still, when the skin on her arms prickled and she felt the weight of his stare, it made it nearly impossible not to look at him. No. Not nearly. Impossible. Against her will, she found herself looking at him, lost in the brown velvet of his eyes…and now, they weren’t unreadable.

There was heat there. Hunger. Something that looked too much like her own longing. She swallowed against the ache in her throat as he rolled to his knees and crawled across the floor until he was kneeling in front of her. “Do you trust me now? You never did before.”

Destin swallowed and shook her head. “You’re wrong, Caleb. I always trusted you.”

A sad smile curled his lips and he reached up, traced his finger across her mouth. “If you trusted me, we wouldn’t have fallen apart.”

“Fallen apart?” she said, curling her fingers around his wrist. She could feel the strong, steady beat of his pulse, could feel him…the heat of him, throbbing against her shields and she wanted to say to hell with it and just get lost in him again. It had been so wonderful. So amazing. She wanted it so blindly, so desperately.

“We didn’t fall apart, Caleb,” she said quietly. “You walked away from me, remember?”

“And you didn’t say a thing to stop me,” he replied, his voice just as quiet as hers.

His eyes, darkening to near black, locked on her face and when he eased in closer, she had to fight just to breathe. “Every step of the way, I waited for you to say something, Destin. Every damn step.”

Yeah, right…she could feel the words hovering on the tip of her tongue. Wanted to hurl them at him. The only problem was that he wasn’t lying. It was enough to wrench her heart in two.

And when he eased closer and pressed his lips to hers, she couldn’t move away, couldn’t even think about it.

As his mouth took hers, she reached for him. It was the very last thing she should do.

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The Unwanted


He hadn’t looked at her much since they’d checked in for their flight. And he hadn’t said a word to her the past night after she’d told him about her spectacular failure four years earlier.

Destin understood why easy enough. She had a hard time looking at herself. It had been years since Dawn Meyer’s death and she still had a hard time facing the woman she saw in the mirror every morning.

She should have saved that girl. Was supposed to save her. If she’d listened to Caleb back when he’d tried to tell her all those times that she needed to learn some modicum of control, she could have saved Dawn.

But she hadn’t learned, and because of her, a girl was dead. She’d failed the girl. Failed her unit. Almost got them all screwed.

But the worst thing was that she let a girl die. Nineteen years old. Terrified and hurt and alone, and she’d died because of Destin.

Her unit saw it differently, she knew. At least some of them. Oz had rallied around her and refused to feed her to the sharks and that was a debt Destin could never repay. There were others, too, former agents who’d refused to let some of the higher-ups turn her into the scapegoat.

They should have, though.

They should have fed her to the sharks, left her for dead…nothing would have been a suitable-enough punishment. Just how did she atone for not saving a girl? For costing that girl her life? She couldn’t. She didn’t.

If she’d listened to Caleb all those years ago…

You can’t always dive in feet-first, baby…sooner or later, you’ll find yourself in a mess that you can’t get out of.

He’d been worried she’d end up dead.

She only wished that had been the cost.

No wonder he wouldn’t look at her.

Even now. They’d only been waiting for the flight for thirty minutes or so—Oz had arranged to pick them up—one more debriefing, she’d told them, and then she’d ended up picking them up a good hour earlier than what was really necessary. Now they had nearly an hour to kill before their flight.

The silence was a little heavy, even for her. She glanced over at him. “You hungry?”

Caleb made an odd little hmmm under his breath. A man of few words. The sound could either be, Yeah, I could eat or No. Shut up so we can get this over with and I can get the hell away from you.

Destin decided it was probably the latter and she was petty enough to want to drag things out. Petty…and lonely. Damn but she’d missed him. Being close to him again, having him this near, it did the strangest things, soothed the ragged gaping hole in her heart and left her feeling a little more at peace. And it made her ache. That wound inside her that had never healed started to bleed again and she wanted to yell at him, scream at him. Beg him to come back. All of it, any of it. And there was no way she’d give in to any of those urges.

“I’m hungry,” she lied, climbing to her feet. “If you want me to bring you back something, I can.”

She couldn’t eat. But she wasn’t going to keep sitting here next to him with his silence weighing down on her and his disapproval and disappointment choking the air around them.

She needed at least a short reprieve, even if it was only for five minutes while she hid in the women’s restroom or tucked inside one of the little bars that seemed to grace every airport she’d ever been in.

Actually, a bar didn’t seem like a bad destination…

Caleb got to his feet. “I guess I could eat,” he said, his voice low and smooth, the lingering hint of the South still echoing in his voice after all these years. “What are you in the mood for?”


“Doesn’t matter to me,” she said, shrugging and turning on her heel. She caught the handle of her carry-on and started down the main corridor. Anything would be fine, as long as she could have a drink.



Caleb didn’t know whether to be relieved or frustrated when they ended up being seated in opposite sections of the plane. Both of them were in business class—nice of Oz, that. Destin was two rows ahead of him on the opposite side of the plane and he could see the business exec trying to put the moves on her.

And then he saw the man go rigid when Destin turned to face him fully.

Fury lanced through him as he figured out what she’d done. Using that scar as a shield. Yeah, he knew there were plenty of assholes in the world who’d back off over a thing like that. Assholes, the lot of them.

It was a bare sliver of a scar and didn’t take away from her beauty, didn’t do a damn thing to detract from who she was.

But she let people decide to make that her defining characteristic.

It pissed him off.

It wasn’t anything she wore as a badge or a mark of courage…she used it to keep people away from her. She deserved better than that.

I was careless…

Her words echoed in his mind and he closed his eyes, blew out a breath. He could find out what had happened. A few phone calls, an email or two and he’d know it all. The surface details, at least. But the information he wanted was Destin’s. He knew she wasn’t going to share it with him easily.

Maybe not at all.

Guilt lodged in his gut and part of him kept wondering, Could I have helped…

He didn’t even know. For months after he’d left Destin, he’d had to work to get his own gift back under control and it had taken him even longer to find a way to mesh with somebody other than Destin. He’d had his own screwups to deal with and those screwups were legion.

Because of those issues, it had taken more than a year before he was stable enough to work regularly in the new unit.

Now, thinking about the months that had followed his leaving, thinking back to the way she’d looked at him, and he was left wondering…had he done the right thing after all?

Due out 7.30…. wanna pre-order?

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Author’s Choice! Lost in Love…

This is from Playing for Keeps…that is out in ebook now…or you can get it in print next week, along with A Forever Kind of Love.


Rain pelted down all around, soaking his hair, soaking through his clothes, puddling under his feet as he came to a stop at the back of Dana’s house.

She was soaked through, too, but she did things for that wet T-shirt that were just plain torture. Her nipples thrust against the white cotton, hard and erect, and the wet material clung to the slopes of her breasts, her trim torso and flat belly, clinging to her hips and making it all too clear that she wasn’t wearing anything under the T-shirt. It stopped at her thighs and left the long, golden length of her legs bare.

Water droplets clung to her legs as she sauntered his way, smiling at him through the rain. “Hey, Jake…”

“Sorry. Wanted to make sure you were okay.” Forcing the words past his tight throat, he met her pale golden gaze and shook his head, backing away. “The…ah…the storm. It’s knocked out all the power…”

Mason, the guy she’d been dating off and on since the past summer, slipped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Over her shoulder, Mason smiled at him, apparently not the least bit concerned about Dana’s all-but-bare breasts, or the fact that Jake was all but drooling over them.

Dana leaned back against Mason and pressed a kiss to his jaw. “Hmmmm…I’m just fine, Jake.” She slipped away from Mason and came towards him with a smile on her face. She stopped just a few feet away, and tipped her head back to the sky. She wobbled on her legs and ending up falling against Mason with a giggle. “I love thunderstorms.”

He knew that. She’d always loved thunderstorms, even when they’d been children and other kids would run inside to hide. Dana’s parents would have to drag her in out of the rain and watched her like crazy to make sure she didn’t slip back outside.

Smoothing a hand up her side, Mason steadied Dana on her feet before grinning in Jake’s direction. “We were playing truth and dare.” There was a smirk in Mason’s eyes, a look that made it more than clear that he knew what Jake was thinking, even if Dana was blind to it.

Just barely, he managed to keep from sneering at Mason as he replied, “I stopped playing games a long time ago.”

Dana giggled and wiggled free from Mason’s arms again. “You should play more, Jake.” She stumbled against him, braced her hands on his chest. Lifting her face to him, she smiled and pressed her lips to his. “Wanna play with us?”

Us? Reaching up, he closed his fingers over her upper arms, eased a few inches between them. Hell, he’d play with her any day of the week if she’d stopped seeing him as her friend, her old boyfriend from high school. “You look like you’ve done enough playing for a while. How much have you had to drink, Dana?”

She pursed her lips and cocked her head. “Two margaritas. One. Two.”

Despite the jealous anger burning inside him, he had to laugh. “You’re such a cheap drunk.” He slanted a look over her shoulder, met Mason’s gaze. “I take it you’re not worried about the electricity being out.”

Mason grinned. “We’re doing just fine.”

Nodding, he let go of Dana’s arms but before he could leave, she threw her arms around his neck. “Awww, don’t go, Jake.”

Then she kissed him.

Hot, full-on and hungry, she kissed him. Her breasts went flat against his chest, her hands tangled in his hair and as rain pelted down around them, she just about turned him into a raving madman. Quick, hungry kisses, soft, strong hands pushed under his shirt and teased the skin of his back. Her soft belly cradled his cock. She moaned into his mouth and then sank her teeth into his lower lip. “Come on, Jake…play with us. Just while the storm lasts…I dare you.”

While the storm lasts…

He reached up and wrapped his fingers around her wrists, tugged them down. “Dana, you’re drunk.”

She poked her lip out in a sexy pout. “Not that drunk…I just want to play.” Her gaze slid down, lingered on his cock, stiff as a poker and so damned hot and hard he hurt with it. “You wanna play, too, Jake. I can tell.”

Tearing his gaze away from her face, he glared at Mason. “You want to give me a hand here?”

Mason shrugged, slid a hand down his chest. Rain continued to pour down on them in a deluge, running in rivulets into their eyes. “She’s not drunk, McCoy. She had two margaritas and the last one was before the storm started. A good half-hour.” His bare feet were quiet on the grass as he came up behind them, cuddling his front against Dana’s all-but-naked back.

The soaking wet T-shirt she wore was no barrier at all. Not a barrier to the eyes, or anything else. She pressed against him and through it, Jake could feel the hot, hard tips of her nipples stabbing into his chest.

“Play with us,” she whispered against his lips. She licked rain from his mouth and slid her hands under his shirt, easing it up. “Play…”

Jake was a patient man. But he had his limits. As Dana met his eyes, he reached the end of his.

Myla Jackson
Lauren Dane
Leah Braemel
Caris Roane
Eliza Gayle
Mandy M. Roth
McKenna Jeffries
Taige Crenshaw
Delilah Devlin
HelenKay Dimon
Felicity Heaton
Jody Wallace


Another snippet from BEAUTIFUL SCARS…

Just a note… BEAUTIFUL SCARS will come out in print at some point.  Probably in 2014.  That’s how my titles with my digital publishers work…the ebook is first, with print to follow.  :)

Beautiful Scars

Thanks for all the feedback I’ve gotten on this book… it’s been kinda amazing.  This review, in particular, kind blew me away.

Here’s another snippet from the book.

He could hear her singing along with him. He might have asked her to sing louder, but he knew she wouldn’t want to. She never did much care for that. Still, he liked listening to her. He’d play again and have her sing with him when it was just them…then he realized he was thinking about spending more time with her.

A lot more…

The song ended and he made himself stop thinking, giving himself up to the music.

He did “True Believer” next, the song that had gotten him his big break. From there, he didn’t bother asking, he just played. He forgot about the people around him. The only one who mattered was Chaili. From the corner of his eye, he glanced her way and his heart banged against his ribs as he realized she was watching his hands.

Seriously watching his hands. Almost the same way he’d been watching her mouth, he suspected. And there was a glassy little glint in her eyes—

Hunger burned in his gut, a terrible little knot that was taking on a life of its own.

He wanted Chaili. He’d managed to bash sexual hunger into submission over the past few years, letting it out in controlled, very controlled bursts, but this was…fuck.

This was gutting him.

A discordant chord filled the air and it jolted him back to reality. The song was nearly over anyway and he finished, pushed back and held out his hand to Chaili. They were leaving. He didn’t know where they were going—he’d take her home if she insisted, but what he really wanted to do was take her to his place.

Take her there…and then take her, damn it.

Is this smart?

It was the calm, rational little voice in his head, the one he usually ignored.

This is Chaili…a friend. And not just any friend. She matters more than most…right?


She did. It was almost enough to make him stop. Almost.

But the hunger inside him was a monster.

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Interested in reviewing…

Locked in Silence, which is book 5 in the Grimm’s Circle series?

Shiloh needs a few book bloggers to do reviews on Locked in Silence

Dying is hard enough. Coming back to life is brutal.

Grimm’s Circle, Book 5

Vanya has been hunting and killing demons ever since one of them scarred her face and killed her sister. Correction—since she was forced to kill the demon possessing her sister.

Then some sort of angel offers her a deal she can’t refuse—that if she becomes one of them, she gets to kill even more demons. Tonight, she’s made that choice. The death she smells on the air will be her own—and she welcomes it.

Silence feels a darkness is looming. Change—something he has every reason not to welcome. The deeply hidden memories that robbed him of his past, of his own name, render him unfit to teach anyone the ways of the Grimm. Yet here he is in the dankest sex club in town, waiting to assume his charge—after he stands by and watches her die.

When Vanya awakes, their complicated, dangerous dance begins. And so does something else—a searing need that blisters along their unexpected mental connection. Silence shouldn’t be drawn to his student, but once they touch, he can’t think of a reason to stop. Even though acting out their darkest desires puts them in more danger than they realize.

Warning: This book contains sex-starved demons, lonely angels, demon-angel sandwiches, blood, violence, death and a happy-ever-after.



Then email me (NOT SHILOH!) at grimmhunter.shilohwalker(at) gmail(dot)com.  Make sure to include a link to your blog.  We’ll check them out and a couple of people will get digital copies of the book.  Also, if you could include in the subject line, Locked in Silence review request.  It’ll help me filter and keep track of you :).

Please note… this isn’t a contest.

This also isn’t a ‘Shiloh’s giving you a book, so you have to give her a good review.’  All she asks for is your honest opinion, posted to your blog either the week of last week of August or first week of September.

ETA: Also, the reviews have to be on a blog…you can also post to FB as well, Amazon, Goodreads, etc, if you choose, but the review must be on your blog.

Keep in mind that if you’ve received ARCs from Shiloh (or if you receive this) and you don’t get the review posted by the agreed time, you’re less likely to receive ARCs from her in the future.  This isn’t done to be mean, but she only sends out a limited number and those who get the reviews posted by the agreed date will be those who get first priority.




Let’s talk master resale rights & ebooks… *REPOST*

Yes…you’ve seen this before. I plan on posting once a month, perhaps. Or at least until asinine sites like ebay & ioffer stop letting people abuse copyright owners’ rights. BTW, this stuff also applies to writers who aren’t me. For modern works, after 1978 and somebody is claiming to have ‘master resale rights’ or ”I’m the copyright owner” or any crap like that over a work…it’s very likely FALSE. Copyright remains in place for the author’s lifetime, plus 70 years. Info on that can be found at – a nice government-y website so don’t be fooled by the BS


Okay, I’m hoping some people out there researching ‘master resell rights’ stumble onto this page. Or I hope some of the people mistakenly claiming to be ‘authorized ebook resellers’ find this page.

Because I’ve got news for you.

You can’t buy the resale rights to my work…unless you go through me, and I can’t sell them to you, because it would be conflict with my contract to my publisher. Which could get me sued. Which is why I’m pretty certain other authors out there aren’t likely to be doing this either.

You can resell a paperback, because after all, there is just the one copy.

But you can’t resell ebook after ebook after ebook because that’s not selling one copy-that’s making new copies and you know what that does? That violates my copyright. I own the rights to my work. Me. Just me.

I contract with my publisher and they publish the books. Through my publisher, I may sell the foreign rights (and please, dear God, I’d really love to), I can sell the audio rights (please God, I would love to) and other assorted rights. I own the rights. They are mine. You can’t buy a ‘master resale right’ to anything I’ve written, because I won’t give it up.

If somebody claims they can give you master resale rights, you were lied to. Possibly by mistake, possibly with the intention of deceiving you, I don’t know. Email the publisher if you don’t believe me-ask the person claiming the ‘resale rights’ bit who their contact at the publisher was. But don’t shell out money to somebody who claim to give you master resale rights to ebooks.

Now this isn’t to say there aren’t books out there with ‘master resale rights’. I see all this ’set up your own ebook biz’ and all the ebooks are self-help and do-it-yourself, and maybe, just maybe, those do come with legit resale rights.

But if you think Nora Roberts sold her resale rights to somebody who in turn now sells them out to others so they can sell a slew of them on ebay for a few bucks when the author doesn’t see a red cent for all her hard work, you’re wrong-somehow, I suspect Nora Roberts is a little too smart for that. She doesn’t do it. Neither does Shiloh Walker, neither does Larissa Ione, neither does Lauren Dane, neither does any fricking writer I’ve talked to about this…and yeah, writers do talk about it. A lot.

Publishing doesn’t work that way.

Ebook publishing doesn’t work that way.

This is about rights. Plain and simple rights. When people ‘create’ digital copies of our work, they are making new copies-that is copyright infringement-and that violates our rights. Plain and simple. It violates our rights and if somebody came in and rode roughshod all over your legal rights, you’d be bit upset. You do not have the legal rights to resell our works, no matter what you were told.

And if anybody who was told this is reading this…seriously, completely seriously, I want to know who is telling you. You were misinformed. A lot of people have been misinformed and that circle won’t stop until we get to the root of it all.

Feel free to email me. Shilohwalker(at) Of course, if you’re emailing me just to tell me how I mean I am for wanting people to respect my fricking rights…don’t waste your time. I’m really handy with that delete button and I don’t waste my time arguing with people who can’t understand that I’m entitled to have my rights respected, the same way others want their rights respected.

BTW, if other authors reading this wanna do the same & spread the word…well, the more readers who are aware, maybe the fewer sales those bastards will get. Some people are thinking-you’re telling them where these are! But plenty of people already know. And it won’t get better until more people speak up and take action.

Plus, readers can also help if they want. On ioffer, if you see a modern author, be it romance authors you already read or people like Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, whoever, there’s a report item button down at the buttom-click it-report that you believe the item is still protected by copyright and you’ll be notifying the author. Hell, leave notes on the buying page by ‘asking a question’ if you want telling the would be buyers they are buying stolen property and you can refer them to this page at the FBI- iOffer got nasty with me a few times and tried to close my account when I did such things. I pointed out that they can’t allow people to buy and sell stolen goods and then try to shut down my account when I inform them people are buying & selling stolen goods, which is what copyrighted material is. They opened my account back up very, very fast.

With ebay, you can also report items suspected of abuse. It’s more work, requires an ebay account and it works best if you can get the seller to send you the list of books. But if you’re not an author, this is actually awesome. Then you can get the list of items, report them and if I’m one of the authors… SEND IT TO ME! *G* Be my spy! (Yes, I’m bad.) If you click on report item, it will give you a bunch of drop down menus…you want:

Counterfeits and copyright violations (after that, if the listing showed it as being on a CD-probably did, ebay policy now makes it a violation to email stuff) click on:

Bootlegs and counterfeit media… then from there:

Media on Recordable formats (CD-R, DVD-R, VHS Tape, etc.)

Once you get there, mention something like…
Message: Claiming modern works in public domain-the list of books I saw were all copyrighted.

Please note, this DOESN’T apply to classical works. Only to works put into print after 1978. Tom Sawyer is public domain. Bronte is public domain. But those aren’t the books the majority of these people are selling.

And I will warn you, although most of the time the sellers just slink off once the auctions are shut down, some of them do get testy. I’m mean for not wanting them to make money…*even though they do it by stealing from me, making it harder for me to earn my rightful living*, I’m taking food from their kids, even though they are doing it in a dishonest, dishonorable fashion, not to mention the example they are setting…so if readers decide to do this, be aware, somebody might get nasty in response. Ebay also has gotten irritated with me. Imagine, expecting them to take action when people are selling illegal goods on their site.

This entry was posted in piracy.

Ways to be a pain for pirates

courtesy of Mandy M Roth

If you’ve seen my posts about places like iOffer, then you know I firmly believe authors can make a difference if they’ll stay on top and keep fighting with piracy.  Is it easy?  Nope.  Is it fun?  Nope.  Are the results immediate?  Nope.

But ignoring it doesn’t make it go away either.  Leaving it in the hands of the publishers doesn’t do it.  Publishers have their entire houses to watch for and small legal staffs.  We’ve only got to watch for our own works.

A properly worded DMCA, for MOST websites, will get your works removed.  Not sure how to word it?  Check out this guy’s site.

Don’t do anything extra-don’t get pissed, don’t get crazed, it won’t do any good.  Just state the facts.  I routinely check for pirated stuff and slowly, I’m seeing my stuff less. I know it’s still out there-pirates will always find a way to get something for nothing.

FYI, for the pirates who are reading this and getting all high and mighty with their excuses… well, if it wasn’t for DRM, territory restrictions, blah blah blah… educate yourselves.  Most of the works of MINE that you pirate-no DRM.  No territory restrictions.  Those that do have territory restrictions, this isn’t anything *I* have control over, and often the publishers don’t-it’s controlled by deals struck with the publishers within your country.  Yep.  However, the majority of my works that get pirated have no restrictions.  None.  You can buy, legally, across the globe.  You choose not to.  You choose to steal.

There are always going to be those who think they are entitled to get something for nothing, those who think they are entitled to take what others have worked hard to create. The only thing we can do is either ignore it, or fight to protect our rights. I refuse to ignore it.

Something else I’ve started doing?  As of February, I report all copyright violations to the IC3.

If it’s on iOffer, I take screen shots of the auctions, I take note of the seller’s names, and I report both iOffer and the seller. Not familiar with what the IC3 is? Per the website:

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between theFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

I also do this for copyright violations on filesharing sites.  As not all pirates are located with the US, I also report to several agencies outside the US, especially if I know the site is based in a certain country.

Another thing I do with filesharing sites, especially the problematic ones that don’t remove promptly-I do a whois lookup.  Go to this site and enter the website of the site pirating the works.  Find out who their server is.  Try CCing your DMCA takedown to them and advising something like… “please be advised this site is violating your TOS by violating third party rights-namely my copyright and they refuse to remove the works in a timely manner.  As they are not abiding by your TOS.” (FYI, find the TOS of their site and copy it into the email.)

Is this time consuming?  Oh, yes.  But when more authors start fighting back, things will get better for all of us.  Complain to the IC3-let them know which sites they need to focus on next. Send in your DMCA takedowns-sites are only protected from lawsuits if they take prompt action.  Does it seem overwhelming now?  Probably.  But right now ebooks are really taking off.  Imagine how bad it’s going to get if you ignore it now…and things really explode in five years.  If more authors speak up now, the more we fight for our rights now, the better it will be for us in the future.

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