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Surprise release…A Kit Colbana World Short story

For readers of the series, remember the Christmas tree Kit found in her home during Broken Blade?

Well, I was going through the series as I refresh my mind and make notes for the final book and an idea hit me. There’s some information about Damon and Chang I’ve been wanting to share…and well. Viola.

Short story.

A Christmas short story from Damon’s POV, set after the events of Night Blade but before Broken Blade.

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Shows a sword against a gray background with swirling blue elements that give it a magical appeal. Title: Damon's Christmas, A Kit Colbana World Short

This is a short story. This is only a short story. It contains spoilers relating to Night Blade and Broken Blade in The Colbana Files. You’ve been warned.

Alpha Damon Lee is one of the strongest shifters around. But his strength doesn’t do him or the woman he loves any good when Kit is kidnapped by a cold-hearted predator and stolen away, hidden in a cell on the opposite side of the continent.

Haunted by bitter words and a fight that left them both wounded, haunted by his failure to protect her when she needed him, Damon doesn’t plan on celebrating Christmas—or anything else. But a call from a contact reminds him he’d ordered a gift for Kit and he has to make good on it. Not expecting to ever earn her trust back, Damon decides he’ll still fulfill a Christmas promise he made to Kit before everything between them went to hell.

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“It’s a dumb thing to do, grabbing onto an Alpha without his permission—even dumber to keep holding onto him when you know it’s pissing him off.”

“But you’re not pissed off, Damon,” she said calmly, cocking a brow. “At least not about this.”

I went to point out how wrong she was.

And realized she wasn’t. I didn’t know what I felt—other than shock—but I wasn’t pissed at her.

Her smile turned sad as she let go of my wrist, and then, slowly, deliberately, she stepped in even closer.

Her next movement shocked me even more.

The woman, shorter than me by almost a foot, and ballsier than almost anybody I’d ever met, wrapped her arms around me in a fierce hug.

“You might be the Alpha and one of the toughest bastards in the whole fucking country, but you’re still a person…still somebody who feels, somebody who hurts, somebody who gets angry and has a heart, who has grief and guilt and pain.”

I sucked in air and realized I’d stopped breathing.

“I know you can’t let it out. Alphas have to present the façade of being in control all the time. But you’re hurting inside. And I’m sorry for it.”

My chest was tight and it ached. That ache spread and spread and I went to pull away, but she broke contact before I could, save for where her hand lingered on my arm.

Gaze on my face, Tricia stroked my arm carefully. “Sooner or later, you’re going to have to let go of this pain inside before it turns to poison. If you let it poison you, how are you going to be there for her when she needs you?”

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This book is set between Night Blade and Broken Blade. To see all of the Colbana Files books, visit this page.