Character worksheets

Kindle I’m working on Veil # 3.   A few days ago, on twitter, I mentioned I’d forgotten what color eyes Morne (the hero of book 3) had.  Then I mentioned something about checking my character worksheet. Which immediately led to…character worksheets?  A dozen variations of…what’s that, where did you find one, etc, etc, etc… […]

Harder on Heroines

Kindle Be warned…today’s post might irritate some people.  Sorry, not my intention-just need to get this off my chest. Something that has always amused me in Romanceland about reviews, discussions on heroines & heroes, etc…some people are always harder on the heroine. Please note… I said some.  And this isn’t about getting negative reviews.  It […]

The last and final (sob) Stardoc…

Sniffle. Okay… I had a pointed reminder that some people were wanting to hear from me on the last and finalllllll *sob…sniffle… noooooo* Stardoc book. Dream Called Time. What can I say about this book?  Other than wailing over the fact that it ended…well, I guess I can say that I think SL Viehl ended […]

Tortured heroines…

I had a fantastic review over at Kate G’s blog the other day…a guest reviewer, Stacy, had reviewed Hunter’s Need and loved it.   Her review, like this part: So is up to Duke to teach this tortured heroine that it’s okay to love. Him. “If you can look at my scars without flinching, I can […]

Did you read The Missing?

It’s the paranormal romance I did a year or so ago about a psychic. If you did…got a question.  There was a character–Taylor Jones–he worked as Taige’s kind-of boss. Remember him?  Just out of sheer curiosity, what do you think of him as a character in his own book?  I’ve had a couple of people […]

Perfect people

I got a headsup from Michelle over the Barnes & Noble boards that she’d blogged about Devon from FRAGILE. She was discussing the subject of addicts and addictions in romance.  For those that don’t know, the heroine in FRAGILE is a recovering addict-she was abused as a child and ended up hooked on drugs at […]

Pretty packages

So at my signing on Saturday, I was talking with this guy.  He’s not exactly a romance reader, although I think he was intrigued with CHAINS. Had a very cool accent, too. We got to talking about books.  He’d read the back of HUNTER’S EDGE-loved the warning.  The warnings from Samhain tend to amuse a […]