Soldier name…needing cards :)

His birthday is February 17. He’ll be back in May. For now, we just ask for cards-thanks, thanks for the support, that sort of thing. If you send your email, he may contact you back. Updating to add… I got back word that Stephen would love letters, care packages, etc.  Please follow the link below […]

Hey, authors…got books?

So, some of you have probably seen my posts about helping out the troops.  I’ve got a contact who works with the Support Our Soldiers group, one of the charities that…well, provides support to the soldiers. One of the things Kelley does is send books. When I get my author copies, I send her anywhere […]

Soldiers needing some care packages

This unit is kinda in need of some foodstuffs, Kyle Lowry Robert Giles Bryan Stephens Conan Kahuhu Andrey Williams Timothy Ruffner Wayne Benge Jeremy Ingo Israel Parra John Fournier Clifford Hodges Eric Cantu Darius Hardrick Josh Obertance B-BTRY 4-42 FA lBCT 4lD Camp Buehring APO,AE 09330 Kyle is the point of contact and if you […]

Soldiers needing mail…

Wanna help a soldier out? Kyle Lowry Robert Giles Darius Hardrick Timothy Ruffner Wayne Benge Jeremy Ingo Israel Parra John Fournier Andrey Williams Josh Obertance B-BTRY 4-42 FA IBCT 4ID Camp Buehring APO,AE 09330 pick a name, any name, more than one is fine! So, these folks need some mail. Want to help them out? […]

Can you help?

Can you help? I posted about this a week ago and they were able to reopen the fundraiser. Many people are unaware of the fact that the Pine Ridge Reservation is pretty much one of the poorest areas in the country. The infant mortality rate (how many children who will die before age 1) is […]

Helping out…holiday edition

So, my friend Jess Haines is doing a thing with her church…they are trying to help spread some holiday cheer around to some kids who wouldn’t be getting much, if any, Christmas without some help. I know times are tight for a lot of people but if you have the ability to help at all, […]