Arkansas Tornado Relief…how you can help

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Check list from The Made Thing~posted with permission.



This list is specific needs for individual families that have asked for certain items. I’ll be updating this as time goes on, including adding a mailing address to send donations to.

Money Donations for Mayflower and Vilonia Tornado

If you’re not local to Arkansas, the best thing you can do is donate money to relief organizations and earmark it for our area.

  • Red Cross – You can go here and do a “quick donation” for a general disaster relief fund. I expect they will set up a specific cause you can donate to later and will update this information as I get it. Even if you’re not here, they always need blood. You can also donate $10 by texting the word “REDCROSS” to 90999.
  • The Salvation Army - Fill out this donation form to specifically donate to the Arkansas tornado relief. You can also mail checks to The Salvation Army Disaster Relief, PO Box 738, North Little Rock, AR  72115-0738 and write Arkansas Tornado Relief on the check memo line. To donate $10 to the general disaster ref lief fund, text “STORM” to 80888. You can also call 1-800-725-2769.
  • United Methodists of Arkansas – They have a fund set up too. Donate here.
  • Mosaic Church – A few families at this church were affected and are accepting donations.
  • Arkansas Rice Depot - Text “FEED” to 74700 to make an immediate $5 or $10 donation. You can also go to and click “GIVE TODAY.”
  • United Way – Our local Conway office is taking donations on their website. Scroll down past the list of local needs to the button!
  • Kangabloo – An local online marketing company is selling t-shirts to benefit and collecting donations. Order one for $15 and help victims!

Local Donations for Mayflower and Vilonia Tornado

If you’re here in Central Arkansas, we need supplies. You can bring the requested items to these locations.

  • Apostolic Church in North Little Rock accepting donations beginning at 9 a.m. Monday to “Stuff the Truck.”  Donations of tarps, flashlights, batteries, hand sanitizer, non-perishable food items, gloves, toiletries, chainsaws, blankets and bottled water can be dropped off at 4315 Landers Rd. in North Little Rock.  They can be reached at 501-945-2655.
  • Holiday Inn Express in Maumelle will be a drop off site for donations . They need bottled water, non perishable food items, blankets, clothes, baby items, books and stuffed animals.  Holiday Inn Express is located at  200 Holiday Dr, Maumelle, AR 72113.
  • The Van is accepting donations (currently) at the cafe across the street from 8 Mile gas station on 64. Check their Facebook for more info.  You can donate cash to The One (the organization behind the Van) online.  The Van is in Vilonia right now helping out.
  • Faulkner County SPCA - They need tarps, tents, crates, and dog kennels, dog food, cat food, horse food, medical supplies, bandages, tape, gauze, soft towels, or baby blankets. You can donate these items to the 8 Mile Store in Conway. There is also a lost and found pet Facebook page, although not associated with the SPCA. If you find wandering animals in the area, check there.
  • Stratton’s Market – They’re taking collections on Monday and Tuesday. Bring clothes, blankets, non-perishable food, etc.
  • Family Life Bible Church - (150 S. Hogan Ln) will be collecting items for local tornado relief shelters. Beginning at 9:30 a.m. Monday. They need water, nonperishable snack items, new blankets and pillows, and large tarps. They’re collecting until 4:30 each day until further notice.
  • Boys and Girls Club of Bryant- Collecting donations of non-perishables, water, clothing. Drop off between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Located at 6401 Boone Road in Bryant.
  • Mayflower High School and Middle School Shelters- They need blankets, cots, pillows and snacks. John Pipkins or Doug Jones will accept donations there.
  • Arkansas Women Bloggers - One in our ranks was hit. We’re collectingwomen’s small and size 6 pants and 8 shoes. Men’s xl and size 38 pants and 12 shoes. kids size 7 and 3 shoes. & 12-18 months and 3 shoes.  Please call me at 501.825.0421 for pickup or make a Paypal donation to Stephanie (at) with Leslie in the note. You can drop it off at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church, 925 Mitchell street, Conway with another one of our members but be sure to mark them “Leslie.”
  • Oak Bowery Baptist Church – 889 Otto Rd in Conway is accepting donations for relief efforts. 
  • Kroger & JCPenny in Batesville - They’re taking money donations inside Kroger to buy supplies and collecting bottled water, canned food, blankets, formula, diapers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.
  • J. Tyler Pearson Fundrasier at La Huerta in Conway - This political fundraiser has been changed to a relief fund and donation center. We will be taking supplies and monetary donations. We will be collecting clothing for kids and adults, blankets, non-perishable food items, bottled water, baby items, toiletries, personal hygiene products, dog food, cat food, first aid supplies, over the counter medications, garbage bags, and plastic storage totes. It’s at 11:30 am at La Huerta in Conway. I will personally be there.
  • Faith Assembly of God in Springdale - They are working on coordinating efforts. Check back with them if you’re in the area.
  • Faulkner Co Extension Office- Collecting water, toiletries, etc., 4 storm victims. 110 S. Amity Road, Conway. 501-329-8344.
  • Central Church of Christ- Please drop by the tarps, bottled water, work gloves, flashlights, hand sanitizer and other basics. For the victims themselves–toiletries (tissue, soap, diapers, etc.) This will begin at noon today. 823 W 6th St, Little Rock, AR 72201 (501) 374-2039
  • Arkansas Rice Depot - They are making Disaster Meal Kits. Click here to view what is needed.
  • First Baptist of Benton - They’re collecting Walmart gift cards to give out to affected families. Find out more here.
  • United Way of Conway – They’re collecting supplies. Read the list here.

Volunteering in Mayflower and Vilonia for Cleanup

  • Arkansas National Guard - Call 1-800-725-2769 to get an assignment from central command.
  • New Life Church - Tornado Relief for Vilonia & Mayflower: Meet tomorrow at 8AM at NLC Conway. Bring chain saws & gloves. Wear hard sole shoes & ARDC shirts. #SERVErelief (New Life Church’s Facebook).  They also have a tornado relief fund setup at the Arkansas Dream Center Page. Sign up for volunteeringhere.
  • Beryl Baptist Church -  Non-emergency volunteers can meet at the church at 873 U.S. 64 Business, Vilonia and receive passes and assignments to help with relief.

Wanna send some Christmas Cards for some troops?

Got an email from my friend Kelley who works with an SOS unit.  She had this names passed onto her…


GySgt Heather Vecchia;
GySgt Fatima Herrera;
Sgt Kim Barton;
Cpl Liza Cabanillas;
Cpl Tylena Murray;
Cpl Chavez;
Cpl Tiffany Webster;
LCpl McCartney; LCpl Rhodes.
Unit 16045
FPO AP 96427-6045



Cpl Showni Anderson
APO AE 09354


LCpl Jordan Somerson
1/9 A Co.
UNit 13955
FPO AE 09510-3955

Lcpl Miquel A. Vidal
Lcpl Nicholas Mcdonald
Lcpl Juan M. Molina
Lcpl Mathew Guelzow
Cpl. Klye Vanalmkerk
BLT 1/4, Det 2, Charlie Co.
UNIT 16053.
FPO. AP. 96427-6058

Sgt Jo Moody
CLR2 TS Company
Unit# 73760
APO AE 09510-3760

Sgt Jorge A. Pineda
Unit 26050
FPO AE 96427-6050

Roneshia D. Owens
UNIT 78372
APO AE 09510

SPC Nailea Silguero
APO AE 09355

Works in the trauma hospital in Kandahar. She shares with all of the injured men and women.
Sgt Nichols, Ashley
8th Ordnance Co
APO, AE 09354


Lcpl Logan, Adam E
UNIT 42190
FPO-AP 96427-2190


Kelley says we’re mostly looking for Christmas cards, although if anybody wants to adopt a name for gifts, etc, that’s fine.  Ideas for gifts, care packages can be found here.  Keep in mind, these people are looking for cards, letters, support…nothing beyond that :)  This is being stated because …well, it needs to be stated. ;)


Soldier name…needing cards :)

His birthday is February 17. He’ll be back in May. For now, we just ask for cards-thanks, thanks for the support, that sort of thing. If you send your email, he may contact you back.

Updating to add… I got back word that Stephen would love letters, care packages, etc.  Please follow the link below to see what to send and what NOT to send as far as care packages go. :)

KEEEP IN MIND… this is just support. It’s not a dating service or anything else. Many of the names I posted, the people are married. Yes, I post this for a reason. Read more about the SOS posts here.

1LT Stephen Owens
3-401st AFSBn
APO, AE 09354


Hey, authors…got books?

So, some of you have probably seen my posts about helping out the troops.  I’ve got a contact who works with the Support Our Soldiers group, one of the charities that…well, provides support to the soldiers.

One of the things Kelley does is send books.

When I get my author copies, I send her anywhere from 5-10 copies.  She sends these to various groups.

And they love them.  I’ve got pictures and notes from the men and women who write her back…they don’t often write me, but they do write her and they so appreciate getting the books.

One of my prized possessions is a flag that was sent to me in appreciation for the books I’ve sent.

If you have books that you can spare, her list of authors is getting thin.  She does need print titles.  They don’t always have easy access to get ebooks, but if you have some spare author copies, I’m sure they’d appreciate them.

I can’t really answer any Qs about this, but if you want to talk with Kelley, you can shoot her an email at  She’s done a lot of work with the SOS functions over the years and I know the troops would appreciate the support.

And yes… they enjoy romance. :)



Heads-up! Some soldiers REALLY in need of help

This lady is needing some help for a unit that’s coming back home.  Twenty seven soldiers are coming back and they don’t really have anybody to help them settle in.  They will back to a room with a mattress, basically.

She’s already gotten some smaller things, but could use help with the bigger items like sheets, etc.  She’s also running out of time…it seems like the easier thing to do with be send donations in the form of Walmart GCs and she can just pick up everything that is needed with the GCs.

I know some people might not be too comfortable with it, but the name was given to me by Kelley, the lady who heads up the SOS unit I help out and this is likely a lot easier than sending twin-sized bedding, (sheets, pillow cases) and shower curtains, etc.

If you are able and want to help out the soldiers, this is a wonderful way… you can send a Walmart gift card or donation to

Chanel Caldwell
5244-1 Yeakel St
Ft Hood TX 76544

They only have until the 17th to get everything ready, so time really isn’t on our side.

Again, this info is accurate and up to date, passed on to me by Kelley.  She’s the lady who gives me all the info for the SOS units I help out so I do know it is accurate and any help you can give would be very much appreciate, whether you can send $5 GC to Walmart or a new set twin sheets, a shower curtain, etc.

FYI, it’s okay to post this info to blogs, but please don’t post to FB, etc.



Soldiers needing some care packages

This unit is kinda in need of some foodstuffs,

Kyle Lowry

Robert Giles
Bryan Stephens
Conan Kahuhu
Andrey Williams
Timothy Ruffner
Wayne Benge
Jeremy Ingo
Israel Parra
John Fournier
Clifford Hodges
Eric Cantu
Darius Hardrick
Josh Obertance
B-BTRY 4-42 FA lBCT 4lD
Camp Buehring
APO,AE 09330
Kyle is the point of contact and if you want to just address to him, he’ll make sure everything gets divvied out.  Please don’t post to facebook pages, etc.  If you have Qs, please contact Kelley at
They are looking for stuff with a long shelf life, like granola bars, fruit and nut bars, Belvita bars, and peanut butter crackers or cheese crackers.

A few more names to add to the soldier list

From Kelley

the list of names that Kyle shared with me that I passed on a few days ago are men who get NO NO NO mail….these three are in the same boat….so pass the word…looking for letters and cards…include your email address….when and if they write back if you want to send boxes go for it…

As always thank you


Eric Cantu
Clifford Hughes

Camp Buehring
APO,AE 09330

Bryan Monville
A-CO 4-9 IN 4/2 SBCT
FOB Mushon
APO,AE 09355

If you aren’t familiar with these posts, please go here. Also, do NOT repost this list to facebook. You’re welcome to share it on blogs, etc, but NOT facebook.


Soldiers needing mail…

Wanna help a soldier out?

Kyle Lowry
Robert Giles
Darius Hardrick
Timothy Ruffner
Wayne Benge
Jeremy Ingo
Israel Parra
John Fournier
Andrey Williams
Josh Obertance

Camp Buehring
APO,AE 09330

pick a name, any name, more than one is fine!

So, these folks need some mail. Want to help them out? Aren’t sure what this is about? Go here! FYI, do not repost to FB, etc. These names are current and posted with permission and these soldiers are ONLY looking for support and friendship. This isn’t a dating service (yes, I have to point that out…)


Can you help?

Can you help?


I posted about this a week ago and they were able to reopen the fundraiser. Many people are unaware of the fact that the Pine Ridge Reservation is pretty much one of the poorest areas in the country. The infant mortality rate (how many children who will die before age 1) is 300% higher than anywhere else in the country.  That figure absolutely staggers me.  It sickens me.  And what really hurts is the fact that many of these deaths are preventable.

They are working to build a new home for Healthy Start, where they can provide better care for babies and at-risk moms so these children can have a better start at life. These programs DO work… but they need help.

In December 2011, the program lost its first office due to high levels of asbestos. Then it was placed in a mold-infested trailer with holes. When that situation proved unacceptable, the program moved into the storage room behind a video store. Recently, the Indian Health Service deemed the room unfit due to the threat of the Hanta Virus.

Read more at Indian Country Today


This is what they face… can you imagine the only option for health care for your child being a trailer with holes in the walls?  A storage room?

They’re working to raise funds to build a new home, but they need help.  The government isn’t going to do it…they’ve broken endless promises to the Natives of this land and these kids shouldn’t have to wait for a safe place to get health care.

The fundraiser at Indiegogo was re-opened with the deadline extended another 21 days. Even $5-$10 can help give a child a better shot at life… can help ensure a child will HAVE a life. Help if you can… spread the word. Thank you.

Lakota Healthy Start <–link to donate

What’s in the Heart – Can’t be Taken from Kitty Farmer on Vimeo.

Image via Indian Country Today | Deanne Fitzmaurice



A rambly sort of hodge-podge…soldiers, contests, more…

I’ve got my Naughty and Nice signing coming up this weekend in St. Louis with Sylvia Day, Jaci Burton, Shayla Black and more… it’s a ticketed event and it is sold out. If you plan to come, I can’t wait to see you.

There is a new contest!  I unexpectedly got some ARCs of THE REUNITED…want an easy chance to win?  Just hop over to this page and find out how.  Click on the button…

Shiloh Walker

There is also a special contest for street team members only. Please note, it’s restricted to current members only…a thank you for the work they put into spreading the word about my books. I do random contests and giveaways for the group and this is the latest. Anybody is welcome to join, but only members who were part of the group prior to 11.26 can enter this contest. The page is also password protected, so if anybody notices a locked page, that is why. :)

Soldiers! It’s Giving Tuesday…we have Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday…and Giving Tuesday. I have to admit, I’m fond of the ‘give back’ things. I honestly to believe that when you bless others, help others, you’re blessed in return, and I know there has been a time in pretty much everybody’s life when we’ve needed a pick me up…whether it’s just a friendly smile, money to get you through the lean times, or even a card during the holidays when you’re away from home…it all counts, and it all matters. Every act of kindness makes the world better, for you, for somebody else.

So…ways to give!

A few more soldiers who can use cards during the holidays!

B CO 2-7 CAV 4 BCT 1 CD
APO AE 09354

SSgt WJ Ryder
CLR-15 CLC 153 Maint Plt
unit 42181
FPO,AP 96427-2181

Jeremiah Hochstedler
Jennifer Anderson
4-2 SBCT S-6
FOB Masum Ghar
APO,AE 09355

SSG Jorge Baeza
APO,AE 09354

And if you’d like to do more on Giving Tuesday…you can try doing a Kiva Loan and see how $25 can change a person’s life. I joined the Happy Ever Team, a group of romance readers and writers who use Kiva…

Or maybe you can send a toy or a cash deductible donation to the kids of Pine Ridge so they can all have a Merry Christmas this year.

**Please do not post the soldiers names to FB. Also, if you’ve never written soldiers before or are unfamiliar with my helping posts, please visit this page first. Important info there.

Image via Dreamstime Free