Helping out! I’m a little late with this one… #SOS

I got this from Kelly last week, but I’m running behind.

Her email:

Hi helpers….one of our marines has a birthday on the 23rd….might be pushing it to get boxes but if we can get cards to him that would be great…if you want to send a package that is fine too but might get there late, having said that I am sure he won’t mind!
GYSGT Joe Diehl
HMH 465 Maintenance Control
Unit 26177
FPO,AP 96427-6177

If you’re unfamiliar with my SOS posts, please read here before asking Qs.  It answers most, if not all, the typical questions.  Please note that yes this is a bit late, but trust me…these guys don’t really mind if they get a card, letter or package a few days late.  A note knowing that people are thinking of them makes all the difference in the world!

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  1. Shiloh thank you for always helping me spread the word about my deployed. For those that send a card, please make sure you add your email address to them ….Joel is married with a couple of little girls. He is a health nut….so if you do a care package healthy treats will be a favorite, he also shares with his fellow Marines.

    thanks again to all who help and especially Shiloh who for years now has been an added voice for the men and women who serve our country.

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