Kindle One of the sunset pics I took outside of Cave City, AZ. Pretty, yes? UTA… crud, I was forgetting something. I just found out that DRAKE made it to the next round of ARe’s SUMMER’S HOTTEST HERO! Thanks so much for all the votes, guys! Round 3 will open back up tomorrow.


I got my pics…don’t ask how many.  I haven’t counted.  But there are many.  Many, many.   Got some great pics of the canyon, too, but the sunset pics in the desert were something I always wanted. (Most of the desert pics were taken around Phoenix.)

Everybody say… oooohhhh…

So I can’t sleep.  The DH is still in bed, as I type.  The kids just woke up and have had poptarts, are bouncing off the walls.  I’ll have to do something to entertain them soon. The time changes have my internal clock all wonky.  I woke up before six am.  In whatever timezone I’m […]

Writer Wednesdays #WW

So on Twitter, you’ll see a hasthag thing on Wednesdays… a #WW one.  The hashtags are just used to mark identify certain topics and stuff…like #Fridayreads, or #WW  (Writer Wednesdays.)  You can use them if you know what how to follow the topics…on Wednesdays, you’ll see the #WW pop up and listings for writer peoples […]

Blog reboot

Just a heads-up, comments are off for this…I’m not looking for strokes or pats or anything, just stating a few things. I’m tired.  I realize after multiple surgeries in a very short period of time and the workload I keep, it’s probably to be expected.  But I hate being this tired. I’m stressed.  I’m often […]

Haven’t I Seen You Before…

Okay.. so it’s an attractive couple.  I get that. But…c’mon. Let’s retire them already. The good news is that all are different epubs-one is self pubbed.  The bad news… I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this couple elsewhere, too.  O.o  The image comes from a stock photo site.  I’ve actually seen it.  I bypassed it when […]