Blog reboot

Just a heads-up, comments are off for this…I’m not looking for strokes or pats or anything, just stating a few things.

I’m tired.  I realize after multiple surgeries in a very short period of time and the workload I keep, it’s probably to be expected.  But I hate being this tired.

I’m stressed.  I’m often cranky.  I’ve got too much to do and not of enough of me to do it.  I think I’m past the worst of it with edits and stuff for a while, but now I have to catch up.  I have to finish a GRIMM short story, I have to finish two books by fall-one by September 1, one by November 1 and I need to start putting together pitches for the next project.

And that’s just the writer part of being a writer-it doesn’t touch the promo that goes along with it, or the blogging stuff.  We won’t discuss the non-job related stuff.  Again…I’m tired.

I’ve been blogging almost daily for the past few years and I think something I need to do is cut back. I don’t write a blog daily, I tend to batch write three or four posts at a time, sometimes more, but it’s still another thing on an endless list of things I keep up with.

I do want to keep to a fairly regular schedule, but I think what I’m going to focus on doing is having a blog go up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  I’ve got a thing I’m going to start doing on Wednesdays that’s super easy and I’ll probably continue to do the Friday reads.  Mondays will be random stuff.  When I have news, I’ll definitely make sure it gets posted.

But instead of focusing brain power on what to blog about, I’m going to streamline for a while and focus on catching up and resting some more.  If you don’t see blogs up as often, it’s just because I need the break.

I’m leaving on vacation next Monday and I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging while I’m gone or not…if not, I’ll probably settle into my new regular schedule when I get back the second week in July.