I got my pics…don’t ask how many.  I haven’t counted.  But there are many.  Many, many.

desert sunsets 2011 (4)desert sunsets 2011 (5)desert sunsets 2011 (28)


Got some great pics of the canyon, too, but the sunset pics in the desert were something I always wanted. (Most of the desert pics were taken around Phoenix.)

3 Replies to “Sunsets”

  1. Colour me stupid, but what’s the animal on top of the cactus in the second picture, a squirrel? They’re great pics, but what animal climbs a cactus?

  2. I’m not sure… we were pretty far away when I took the pic. I’ve got a zoom lens for my camera so we weren’t as close as it might appear.

    But I saw birds landing on them all the time. I guess there are just some animals more adapted for it.

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