Feeling the Blood Kiss (Guest Blog)

So… I saw the Kickstarter and full confession I checked it out because my inner fangirl saw Amber Benson of Buffy was in on it…but I backed it cuz it sounded cool. And it does.  David wants to tell you more about it, and you can also read about it here.  If it sounds cool […]

guest blogger… Ruthie Knox

So I’m heading out of town…er… I already did.  And I’ve got a guest!  it’s Ruthie Knox.  I got to read her book early, too.  It’s hot.  It’s fun.  And City is awesome. London Calling  You know, it never occurred to me that it was an unusual move to set a contemporary romance in London […]

Guest Blogger… Jessica Scott

Kindle Guest Blogger…Jessica Scott All questions were collected from visitors to my blog or FB… From Doris S: I can’t hold being Army against you(Air Force here)….but do you ever sleep? A) Too funny. I sleep all the time. I’m blessed with my mom’s energy level so I’m typically an early riser (no thanks to […]

Fun with words…

So I’m editing IF YOU KNOW HER, the last book in the RS trilogy. Came across this little bit. He stroked his hand up her lung. First…ewwwww.  Second…getting that right word is crucial. It should have read: He stroked his hand up her leg. Much less gross. I’m guest-blogging at Fresh Fiction today.

Guestblogging today…AND… Nalini Singh

Over at Lisa Renee Jones’ blog. Come say hi! AND… Nalini Singh’s latest is out.  Play of Passion. FYI, it’s my personal and professional *hey, I’m a professional writer, that means I can have a professional opinion on this, right?*  Anyway, it’s my personal & professional opinion that Nalini Singh rocks.  Professionally-her stories are awesome.  […]