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Feeling the Blood Kiss (Guest Blog)

Feeling the Blood Kiss (Guest Blog)
So… I saw the Kickstarter and full confession I checked it out because my inner fangirl saw Amber Benson of Buffy was in on it…but I backed it cuz it sounded cool. And it does.  David wants to tell you more about it, and you can also read about it here.  If it sounds cool to you to you as well, maybe you can help back it, too̷ [...]

Guest blog from Lynn Viehl… als...

Rule of Three giveaway
Contest is OVER.  No comments posted after 12/7/2012 will be entered… winner posted next week… thank you! Why? Because I CAN’T WIN THINGS ON MY OWN BLOG! Damn it! Kicks rocks. Okay. Carrying on… ahem. Here we go!  Everybody say hi to Lynn! Everybody!  Read her awesome post and enter to win her awesome prize…and i [...]

guest blogger… Ruthie Knox

About Last Night
So I’m heading out of town…er… I already did.  And I’ve got a guest!  it’s Ruthie Knox.  I got to read her book early, too.  It’s hot.  It’s fun.  And City is awesome. London Calling  You know, it never occurred to me that it was an unusual move to set a contemporary romance in London until I did it a [...]

Guest Post with Myke Cole

I’ve gotta admit, I’ve been looking forward to this guy’s book for a while.  It comes out next week and damn it, I wants it. After I read the guest blog he wrote for me?  WANT IT EVEN MORE. Say hi to Myke Cole… Here’s the info about his book, which I think you all should read. SHADOW OPS: CONTROL POINT Army Offi [...]

Gorillas! Gorillas! They’re e...

Bently Gal
Ok, that’s not what Amy wanted this called. Sulk. We have a guest today.  And a prize. *G* Prepare to be amused. And say hi to Amy Ruttan. A gorilla or how brainstorming can get those creative juices flowing. While I was writing my little 1920’s romance Bentley Gal I was twittering because hey it was my only outlet to real people since [...]

Guest Blogger… Jessica Scott

Guest Blogger… Jessica Scott
Guest Blogger…Jessica Scott All questions were collected from visitors to my blog or FB… From Doris S: I can’t hold being Army against you(Air Force here)….but do you ever sleep? A) Too funny. I sleep all the time. I’m blessed with my mom’s energy level so I’m typically an early riser (no thanks to my children who ref [...]
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