CELEBRATE…good times, come on!

Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate)… Before we start today’s ramble…I’m hiding out today.  Over at Smexy Books.  Supposedly they love me over there, so maybe they’ll keep my secret and not tell any of the…um, people, who might…ah, be looking for me.  Not that I did anything. Really. o.O So STOLEN is out. […]

Mini snippet…

It’s so hard to figure out what to post from this that isn’t going to spoil things.  I mean, like really hard. But…I like this bit.  It’s not a sexy bit.  But it makes ya wonder… “Maybe I’m just crazy,” Shay muttered. “Aw, hell. This was a waste of time.” “No. It wasn’t.” Elliot stood there […]

Just a few more days…

A mini snippet from STOLEN… Tears burned her eyes but she blinked them away. Filing the email, she put the phone down and covered her face with her hands. Can you tell us what happened…? No… She sat there and shuddered. Do you remember… No. She didn’t. But a part of her was trying to, […]

Sorry for the website issues…

Rough week-health issues, dealing with contracts, etc, didn’t realize the domain issues were needing to be dealt with. Fixed now (although there might be another blip later on) and I owe people a Saturday snippet. Anyway… snippet… This is from an untitled RS that’s been contracted with St. Martins.  I can’t tell you anything about […]

Night Blade release date

Kindle The plan is tentatively for Night Blade release the first week of March. I’m trying to space things out so I can… hopefully…get more work done on Broken Blade, because…um.  Well.  Never mind.  That’s the plan. Here… snippet! “I had to take care of something outside of the city,” Damon said and his voice […]

Final day…contest ends tonight

Wrapping up the contest for an angel’s wing today.   The contest is for the release of BLIND DESTINY. There was a fun review posted…sharing a snippet of it… Again I said this would be quick but go grab it and read…  the shower scene alone is such a tease and hot hot hot.   […]