Blooded Blade… up on Netgalley

Heya folks… Blooded Blade is up on Netgalley for those who review books!

Find it here.…only a month to go!

How about a snippet?


“So, exactly who can see you?”

“Whoever I wish.” From the corner of my eye, I saw her shrug. “Taking my fully corporeal form requires energy and I’m still weary. Appearing before you takes little effort, though, as you accepted the blade. We’re bonded, little sister, you and I.”

I resisted the urge to stop again as I demanded, “Explain that.”

A husky chuckle escaped her. “Do you know that I had lain in the earth for several centuries, buried among bones, although I wasn’t truly dead? She was the one who put me there, but she had need of me and couldn’t remember just where she’d left me. Then she decided to come and pull me from the earth, committed untold horrors to force her will upon me. And you, child, I give you my bond and you are displeased by it. Such a puzzle you are.”

“Yeah, well, you’re the queen’s pet killer! Excuse me for not being pleased that you’ve up and decided we’re bonded.”

“I’ve never been her pet!”

I froze, terror turning my blood to ice as she was suddenly in my face, once more the specter from my nightmares, scraps of mummified flesh over graying bone, dull wispy hair blowing back from her face as she bent down to snarl into my face with breath that reeked of death and decay.

“She ripped me from the resting quiet of dark peace where I’d lain, so long in the dirt that I’d almost forgotten that I wasn’t truly dead, so long in the dark that I could almost pretend I’d found my rest, you child!” Lemera grabbed the front of my shirt, hauling me onto my toes. “She destroyed the only ones I ever loved, destroyed my line, all because she feared death, and now my promise to destroy her is the one thing that keeps me bound to the earth after all these centuries. I’ve never been her pet, Kitasa. I will be her death. I am vengeance. I am fury. But I am nobody’s pet.”

Reactively, I’d gripped her wrist. Now, my fingers freezing from the contact, I squeezed and stared into her death-glazed glare. “You killed at her command.”

Her eyes narrowed, then abruptly, she let go, shoving me back.

“You are a child,” she muttered again, like it was a curse. But her voice shook this time and she moved away, looking defeated. “You’ve carried such a burden for so long. It makes me forget you’re but a child. And they taught you nothing.”