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I’m of a mind to just crawl into a hole and post a sign that reads EVERYTHING SUCKS, but that’s not going to fix my current situation and as much as curling into a ball and grumbling at the world sounds great…that’s not going to help, either.

So I’m going to try something productive that might help. I’ll give the hole option a try later on, maybe.

For much of 2021, my writing output has been far below normal. After losing my father in law in January, my mother in law’s health has spiraled down and I’ve been spending a lot of time with her, whether it’s having her spend a few days here or traveling with her or taking her to various doctors appointments. 

This has all had a detrimental affect on my ability to create, so I’ve mostly been focusing on my ghostwriting jobs, since they provide the quickest, most immediate income.

My mother in law was diagnoised with Alzheimers and dementia earlier in the year and as time passed, she spent more and more time with me, which continued to affect my income. Even my ability to ghostwrite has taken a hit over the past or so as I’ve had to focus so much time on trying to find help for her and get her placed. (FYI, that’s practically a full-time job…how do people do this???)

Her mental and emotional health continues to decline. Finally, for her safety, we had to have her admitted to a long-term care facility a short time ago.  For the most part, she’s already more stable, her moods far more level than they have been a long while.

As more of my time is freed up, I’m able to focus on writing my stories more, but I’m also dealing financial hits from bills that piled up over the past couple of months as things just went from bad to worse. Within the next few months, I think everything will level out again, but in the meantime, I can’t even rob Peter to pay Paul…I did that last month and Peter’s now broke as hell.

If you are able to help at all, I’d really appreciate it. Check out my ‘shop‘ on KoFi, where you can buy your way into one of my upcoming books!