On RWA, Racism, Bigotry & People getting butthurt

In other words…my comments (among others) are still disappearing.

Like this one.

It’s a good thing the post by @Marie Hall is in the moderator’s queue.

Hopefully, it stays there.

Such a self-pretentious bunch of ​dreck.

While you’re extolling the virtues of ICE, Marie, are you aware that ICE has

erroneously deported US citizens?
erroneously deported US vets??
It’s not an isolated incident, either, FYI. They don’t even follow their own guidelines. It’s like…whoa, he looks Mexican, time to scoop him up!
As a matter of a fact, they don’t follow their own rules like 70% of the time when it comes to people of questionable status. They don’t bother to check if the person is a fricking citizen!
US Marine with TWO tours of duty and a traumatic brain injury spent close to two years unlawfully incarcerated by ice. He’s been in the US since he was three years old!
Perhaps you should run your passionate bullshit by these men, who served their country- the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-only to get scooped up by ICE for DEPORTATION. I bet you’d have LOTS to talk about.
I mean, it’s now common knowledge that ICE doesn’t give a damn about military service…if the person is brown, Marie. There’s proof of it. And unbiased miltary people are aware.
And it’s not that people involved in their arrests AREN’T AWARE OF THEIR SERVICE. THEY JUST DON’T GIVE A SHIT, HEROIC SERVICE OR NOT.
ICE has proven to be prejudiced as hell, arresting & detaining people solely because they spoke Spanish.

And it’s not a case of picking up US citizens and h holding them for a couple of hours. Some have been detained for years.

Others? For weeks, so it’s not isolated. Once in ICE custody, rights disappear & that guilty until innocent? Forget it. The rights US CITIZENS know? They don’t extend to undocumented immigrants & screw you if there’s a case of mistaken identity. But…Marie, you’re white, aren’t you? You’re not likely to be picked up and mistaken for an undocumented immigrant. So, yeah…no reason for you to care. Unless you just care about people…oh, and the US Constitution

So, those are the cases I remembered off the top of my head

Good thing military folks are excluded from racism, right?

Shiloh Walker
I write stuff
Keep digging that hole…the dirt looks good on you.

And then…this one…

Kris, you’re one of the hostile ones. I don’t need to check your social media to confirm. I know because earlier this year, in this very forum, you said you don’t read f/f romance. You described it as “girl-on-girl sex” and compared it to alcoholism, because you find both distasteful. I remember. I also have screenshots, but there’s no need because you haven’t bothered to delete the posts. 

Tell me, where in those statements am I supposed to feel respected, much less supported, as a queer author writing romances about queer women.

BTW, NOTE…I’d advise against flagging/reporting. There’s nothing here that violates TOS, so get over your hurt feelings. I’m known to broadcast posts that get deleted or flagged on my blog. 

 Whoa. Alcoholism, @Kris Tualla Really? I gotta say, as the child of an alcoholic & the mom of a couple of kids who identify as members of the LGTBQ community, I gotta say…you have no clue.

Alcoholism is a disease. Being queer is just part of who you are.

I agree with Olivia. You’re one of the hostile ones. You might couch it in courteous disagreement or try to pass it off as personal tastes but…no.

You’re most definitely part of the problem.

Shiloh Walker
I write stuff
Keep digging that hole…the dirt looks good on you.

People flag shit they don’t like seeing so they don’t have to deal with it, but of course…that solves nothing.

But hey, it’s easy blog fodder anyway. I’m not about to have my opinions silenced.