We’re in Massachusetts and I’m in love.

Steamed lobster with melted butter

Dinner the first night

Pretty white flowers at the beach

Flowers along in the beach in Dennis Port.

Picture of the beach & ocean, blue sky & water

The view from our resort.

Picture of Nalini Singh's Wolf Rain with the beach in the background

Taking it easy the second night. Nalini is keeping me company.

The beach at sunrise

Sunrise…at 4:55 am

Art seen in an alley in Provincetown. Alice in Wonderland, and a few unrelated explicit offerings

Weird wall of art… 😳 I think it’s dedicated to a tattoo artist who passed away.

Pilgrim Monument Tower in Provincetown

Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown. My asthma won’t let me climb. The guy better get good pics.

More awesome pics coming later…we’re doing a whaling cruise.