Lacey’s Game – Romance Erotica

With a menage twist… coming next week!

woman's hands bound with dark red ribbon, Lacey's Game

Lacey Morgan is fed up and heartbroken. Her boyfriend Brogan is all about control and she’s all about breaking through his barriers. Except she can’t seem to do it. Unwilling to settle for only part of him, she takes off, figuring it’s better that way. After all, half of a relationship is worse than none. She settles in with her best friend, hot and sexy photographer Lou, figuring she’ll lick her wounds and give her heart time to heal.

Finding Lacey gone is a punch to the gut. Finding her with another guy is even worse. She isn’t interested in listening to what he has to say, though. Not unless he’s willing to strip himself bare and give up pieces of himself that died long ago.

Brogan can’t do that. Or so he thinks. Lacey and Lou have other plans, a hot, torrid night, some hot, sexy pictures… Lacey is determined to show Brogan a new way of seeing things.


Lacey stared at the glass in front of them, voyeuristic almost. If it was anybody but Lou, there was no way she’d be here. She would have walked out so fast, she might have broken an ankle.

But this was Lou.

And she needed to be distracted.

“Stop thinking about him,” Lou muttered as he slid the black leather cuffs around her wrists.

She shot him a look through her lashes. “Who says I’m thinking about anybody but you?”

“I know you.” Lou sighed, dipped his head and stroked his lips down the curve of her neck. “Ever think how much easier our life would have been if you would have just fallen madly in love with me?”

Lacey laughed, arched her neck over. “I did that…and it was wonderful. Until I realized that you and I are just a little too much alike and that you’ll never stop playing games.”

“No.” He gave her wrists another tug, checked to make sure the leather wasn’t biting into her flesh. “I’m all about playing games and you know it.”

“Yes.” She continued to stare at the reflective glass in front of them. Normally, her breath might have hitched at the sight. Lou knew how to set a scene—it was dark in there. Nothing but a chair and the lights and a single mattress. It had a gritty, almost dirty look to it, but it wasn’t. Lou was too fastidious for that. It screamed raw and rough, but if she knew anything about Lou—and she did—the bed would be comfortable, the sheets would be clean, as would the chair. “What’s with the glass?”

He shrugged, stroking a finger down the front of her chest.

Lacey shivered. Under his touch, her nipple puckered and stabbed against the lace of the bra.

Dipping his head, he closed his mouth around it and she groaned. “It’s going to be wet for your pictures.”

“I want you wet.” He reached under the hem of her skirt, cupping the heat of her in his hand, grinding the heel of his palm against her. He was rough and quick and the touch brought a cry to her lips. “They’re for me anyway. I want you turned-on, ready to fuck…”

Lacey gasped as he pushed a finger inside her.

“Ah…yes. You’re hot. Hot, wet, slick…that’s how I want you.” She was gasping by the time he lifted his head and she wouldn’t have minded if he decided to try the bed out.

But instead, he moved away and went to his bag. She watched as he checked his phone, punched something in.

Scowling, she tugged at the restraints on her wrists and then glanced around. The scuff of leather on wood had her looking back up and the sight of the strips dangling from his hand made her belly twist. Heat drenched her.

“You game?” he asked quietly, lifting the gag.

Gags didn’t always do it for her. Sometimes she wanted to scream. Sometimes she wanted to be the one asserting the dominance…and it was a fight to get Lou to let her. When he did, it made it that much fulfilling.

Today, though, she needed more. A lot more.

“I’m game for whatever the hell you want to do,” Lacey said, her voice raw and rough. And she’d never meant anything more.

“You sure you mean that?” He shot the phone one more look and then tossed it over to his stuff, where it landed squarely on the bag.


A strange little smile tugged at his lips and he went to the door, flipped a series of locks.

“Just in case,” he said. “Sometimes I let others use the studio but I don’t want my shots getting fucked up.”

Somehow, even as he said it, Lacey knew he wasn’t being straight up with her. But she was too focused on the ball gag he held, too focused on the distractions she knew he’d provide. So it didn’t matter. Wasn’t as if she hadn’t ever done shoots around others before.

Even in her tramp wear, it wouldn’t get to her.

He slipped the gag into place and she blinked, startled. It wasn’t the ball gag she was expecting—it had an open area in the middle, hollow. He stroked his thumb down her jawline, touched the bottom edge of the gag.

“We could have fun with this,” he murmured.

Heat gripped her but he didn’t do anything, just turned away and went to the cameras he’d already set up.

She stared at him. Are we going to have fun?

As though he’d read her mind, he grinned. “Don’t worry. I plan on having a lot of fun…in a few minutes.”

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