Hot takes on plagiarism, #copypastCris & hack writers from a ghost writer’s POV

Yay!  Another twitter rant!

Yay! Another plagiarism scandal!

This time, the ‘author’ claims that she worked with a ‘ghost writing’ partner she hired on Fiverr.

I’m calling bullshit! First…well, Fiverr is a TERRIBLE place to hire a professional GW. I say that *AS* a GW. I’ve been doing that on the side since Ellora’s Cave closed to supplement my income. Some freelance writer sites make it clear they *do* want professional writers. Then there are sites like Fiverr.

That should sum up how I feel about Fiverr.

Anyway, here’s what our plagiarist of the month had to say…

cris serruya defends her plagiarism

And… oh, boy.  Yes, I’m a tad annoyed. Because this is just bullshit.

Commencing twitter rant, in 5, 4, 3, 2…

So. Um. As a GW myself, I’m calling bullshit. Any decent author out there with biz savvy looking to hire a GW makes it clear plagiarism isn’t acceptable AND that the work will be CHECKED with services like

I mean, seriously, @CrisSerruya THAT IS STANDARD FOR GHOSTWRITING CONTRACTS. you agree NOT to plagiarize. I’m gonna post some jobs from upwork to point out this very fact. (note to anybody who checks out, I’m not endorsing any of these, most of the payrates are crap.)

@CrisSerruya  Using Upwork, because Fiverr is NOTORIOUSLY cheap, which means people who  use it likely prey on GW’s, so…if you DID hire a GW? You scammed GW
“Content must be creative & 100% ORIGINAL! The work will be assessed w/Copyscape every time.”
“Additionally, all work will be subjected to a plagiarism check.”

Upwork job:

Things we do not accept if hired:

1) Plagiarism.

Upwork job:

Things we do not accept if hired:


Upwork job:

*Plagiarism: I take it a very serious view with zero tolerance on writers who copy the work of others. All written copies received will go through few plagiarism checkers. The writers will not be paid if the content is not original and will be reported

So… as I said… BULLSHIT. *IF* by some chance it *WAS* somebody else you hired to write a book so you could slap your name on it, YOU didn’t do YOUR due diligence, because once YOU take ownership, & if you had somebody sign copyright over to you, you DID take ownership, Cris

Is it possible you hired a hack-writer who plagiarized on Fiverr? Sure. Anything is possible. But it’s still on YOU for not being responsible and researching.

/Rant over.

I’ve got like 7k minimum to write today.