I want you naked… Cocksure

cocksure graphic - fake engagement romanceThe poppy-red dress she wore framed her upper body like a dream, cupping her breasts and offering them up in a fashion I couldn’t help but appreciate. The bodice ran close along her torso before flaring out at her hips. I wanted to ease her onto the bed and push that skirt up, up, up, baring her so I could see the flesh I’d only felt, so I could taste her, then watch as I filled her.

Her cheeks were flushed.

She fumbled with her business bag.

She knew I was watching her.

I waited to see what she’d do.

Finally, she stopped pretending she didn’t know I was there and turned to face me, hands clenched into fists at her sides.

“Do you need something, Luke?” she asked, her voice businesslike and brisk.

“That’s a loaded question, Ina,” I said, taking a step into her room. “You sure you want me to answer it?”

Her mouth parted and she licked her lips. I don’t think she even realized she’d done it.

I decided I was right a split second later when she clenched her jaw and fixed her mouth back in that polite, businesslike smile. “I’ve already got quite a bit to get done tonight, so unless this is important…”

I closed the distance between us, sliding an arm around her waist.

She sucked in her breath, going silent.

“I do want something,” I said, pressing my mouth to her ear. “I want you naked. I want you under me. Over me. In front of me. On top of me. I want you kneeling on my face so I can eat your pussy or bending over in front of me so I can fuck you. Any way you want to give yourself to me, that’s what I want.”

She was shaking now.

I caught the lobe of her ear between my teeth and bit down gently.

“But the final decision is up to you. I’m going to my room. You come find me if you want me.”

Walking out of that room was the hardest damn thing I’d ever done.


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