Damon – A Kit Prequel

Kit was introduced to the world five years ago.

A few months ago, a special group of readers helped me introduce Damon’s side of the story. When I started the Patreon platform, the original intent was that the short stories written for my patrons would be specifically for them.


A few months ago, my life was very much different.

For those who don’t follow me on social media or haven’t visited my Shiloh side, you’re probably unaware but at the end of May, my world sort of shattered. My baby brother took his life after years of battling depression, addiction, bipolar disorder and alcoholism.

He was found by my father who suffered a massive heart attack only moments after cops arrived on scene.

In the days and weeks that followed, my sister in law and two of her kids have moved in with us, and my father will shortly move in as well.

My household has…well, grown exponentially, while my income has dropped.

I talked things over with the readers who have opted to become patrons, because I started bouncing an idea around.

Kit’s five, after all. (And what a mouthy five year old she is…).  It should be celebrated.

I had this story that other readers would probably enjoy.  But it wouldn’t be out without their support.

They have told me, emphatically…”TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY. PUT IT OUT THERE IF IT WILL HELP…”

So…that’s what I’m doing.

The special edition is available at the current price of $2.99 only through the link below.

The book includes Blade Song, and a snazzy new cover.

It will be released on other platforms later this summer.  This avenue allows me to receive funds immediately and the money is collected by paypal – securely!

You can also go directly to the book’s download page.

The book set, as mentioned, will be loaded to other platforms this summer, but the price may be a bit higher as other platforms will, naturally, take their cut.

The stories included:

A Stroke Of Dumb Luck

Bladed Magic


Blade Song

Proceed with Caution

Proceed with Caution isn’t a story, per se.  It’s a collection of deleted scenes, character POVs and odd snippets that I’ve had tucked into various places.  One of the deleted scenes is two chapters long and has never been seen by anybody.