A note about my Patreon…

I’ve had some comments about my Patreon and I want to address them. Why am I doing it? Simple. So I can keep writing. Period.

I went from having five publishers to three to…well, none. St. Martins rejected my last proposal. Ellora’s Cave and Samhain are out of business.

My income now comes from ghostwriting and my self pubbed works.

Most of my books are out of print with Samhain and EC shutting down and while I’m reissuing them, I can only do one title a month.

Publishing a book costs money up front- a lot of it. Edits start $500 and go up.Publishing ain't cheap

Copy edits cost $$.

Covers cost money.

Even just storing the files of the books I self-publish costs money. I spend hundreds yearly on that.

These upfront costs were easier to handle when I had several sources of revenue coming in.

Now? Most of those sources are gone or they are a fraction of what they once were. That’s why I started ghostwriting. The money I make from ghostwriting allows me to make a living.

I’m no different from anybody else. I’ve got bills to pay, kids to feed, one going to college soon, but the more time I spend ghostwriting, the less time I have for my writing…the less time I spend ghostwriting, the less money I have.

Providing for my family must always come first.

The patreon page is an option for readers who *wish* to help – it’s basically crowdsourcing the funds so hopefully I can spend more time on my projects, and have the funds to pay for them as I finish them so I can publish them.

Those who choose to become patrons are helping me get those books out to ALL readers quicker. The perks they receive are my way of thanking them.

I’ve lost more than half my income with publishers closing/not buying.

I had to figure out something and this was the best option for me.

I’m sorry some are not happy with it, but the bottom line is, without the funds, Kit #6 won’t get published until next year at the earliest. The romantic suspense trilogies a lot of my readers enjoy may be a thing of the past.

What's a patron