Moonlight and Magnolias Recap – Writer’s Camp and more

First… Pappadeauxs.  Where have you been all my life…and stay out of Louisville, please.  I will be broke and I’ll be the seize of an elephant.

I hung out with some lovely ladies and had a blast.  I was only able to make it into two workshops, mostly because I’m trying to keep up on a side project and a new project I’ve started.

Those two workshops though were fantastic.  Roxanne St. Claire and Kristen Painter were in both and I’ve already started implenting a few suggestions from one of them.

The other requires team work…it’s Writer’s Camp. Like a daycamp. For writers.  They meet at a library or at each other’s houses or even via Skype and just…write.  I need this.  So bad.

I had two workshops and I think I at least entertained people…  there was Newby Author Bootcamp and then Writing Hot.  One involved bad words.  Guess which one?

I’ve already been asked to submit the Newby Author one again, so I guess that means I did a good job.

And I sold books at the bookfair.  That is ALWAYS a plus.

If you’re an aspiring or established writer and haven’t been to Moonlight and Magnolias (with Georgia Romance Writers), you should go.  It’s a great conference.

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  1. It was great meeting you, Shiloh! As a newbie author, I really enjoyed your workshop and writing hot was hilarious, yet informative.

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