Depression and humor

For somebody who doesn’t suffer from it or get it, it doesn’t seem like the two topics would go together, but they go together surprisingly well.

I’ve been dealing with depression off and on for most of my adult life and I cope well enough.  I’ve got a great family, a great guy and a career that I know a lot of people only dream of…even if it’s still sometimes like a car sputtering to stay alive.

Coping mechanisms are one thing I’ve developed pretty well, and humor is necessary. It’s been a rough week and I was looking for funny pics on giving up. Yes…funny pics on giving up. (Don’t freak out…I’m not giving up.  I just needed a smile.)

Usually it’s a cat picture or something like that.

Today, I found this.

9gag - house

Show of hands…who wants to be here?


2 Replies to “Depression and humor”

  1. I usually fall back on going to live in a cave, but a tree house works, too. Count me in

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