Strange conversations, strange clowns and audio books

It all started with a weird dream…this was a conversation between me and my husband.  I had the dream.  Behold his response.


The next day? This was the convo between my kids and me at dinner.

Bratlet: (who hasn’t read the Colbana books…she’s 10)

Who could take Kit Colbana in a fight?

Guitar Kid:

Maybe a human wiho is supernaturally fast with a gun.


No.  Humans can’t take her.  Plenty of others can, but nothing human.


Like who?

Guitar Kid:

But what if the person with the gun is really, REALLY good..


Regular bullets wouldn’t kill her and dont’ forget, she’s got that weird luck thing. So, no…Lara Croft wouldn’t be able to take her.



Guitar Kid:

Yoda might be human. We don’t know what he is. (laughter) okay. He’s not human.  He’s tiny and green.


Yoda isn’t human….but maybe a Jedi.  Jedis are kinda superhuman, right?

My husband…

just stares at all of us like we’re nuts.

I’m in two places at once today.

Well, not really.

I was at two places on Friday and forgot to blog about it.  Go visit!  Harlequin Junkies and #Readaromance.  Today, I’m at USA Today’s HEA blog, talking about second chances.

I’m attending the Barbara Vey Reader Luncheon again next year and in the facebook group, Sally Kirkpatrick decided to torment us with this headline…

>>Wisconsin folk: is this a thing? Romantic suspense writers, this plot bunny is all yours!

Creepy clown scares Wisconsin city

Yep.  A clown dressed in dirty clothes is walking around holding onto black balloons.  Commence nightmares.

And….YES!  I just signed the contracts with Audible for the Kit Colbana books and Her Best Friend’s Lover. I’m not sure on production and release dates, but I’ll let you know once I know.  🙂

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