We’ve got billionaire ex-cons, billionaire bad boys, billionaire Doms, billionaire cowboys…so… you should have seen this coming.

Meet the SEALionaire…but…relax.  He didn’t make millions–okay–billions while out fighting the secret fight.  He did it the easy way.  He inherited it.

Navy SEAL romance



And guess what… it’s coming out Friday on Kindle Unlimited & Kindle.  Non-kindle readers, it will be available on the other platforms in 90 days.  I’m sorry for the wait!  I worked with a writing partner on this one and compromise is the name of the game with writing projects.  As I’m trying to branch out and build my name more, this is one of the things I’m trying. This is the first in a three book serial, but the books are being released super close, like every two weeks.


* * * *

I had a beautiful blonde curled around me, her hand wrapped around my cock as she moved her head up and down.

The body was willing but the brain was disengaged. Even when she climbed on top and began to move, nothing other than my dick was interested.  She made hungry little noises and because it wasn’t her fault that my mind was a few miles—and a few thousand miles—away, I rolled us after and began to drive into her, finding a rhythm that had her moaning, then mewling and finally begging me…Don’t stop, don’t stop…

When it was over, I slid away and grabbed my clothes, moving into the shower.

She was lying on her side, smiling at me when I came out.

She wasn’t all bothered to see me sliding my feet into my shoes or grabbing my wallet.

I couldn’t even remember her name, although I was sure she knew mine.  I knew her type.  She hung out at the bars nearest the base and looked for her type—SEALS, generally.  I’d seen her before and for the most part, I avoided her.  I didn’t have anything against her.  She wanted a certain rush, the same way I did.  I got mine jumping out of planes. She got hers by screwing the men she viewed as bad-asses. No harm, no foul.

“Can I see you again?” she asked.

“No.” Shaking my head, I turned to the door.  In the mirror, I saw her mouth form a pout, but I knew she wasn’t too down about it.  There was always another man in uniform.

She’d gotten what she needed from me.

I wish I’d gotten what I needed—a little bit of forgetfulness.

But I hadn’t forgotten a damn thing.

Now I had to go and find out what had really happened all the months ago.

* * * *

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