#1lineWed You were standing practically naked



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“It is adorable,” V insisted, dark eyes glinting with wicked humor. “I mean, come on—the two of you kissed in seventh grade. He took you to his prom or whatever it is they have for brainiacs. And he still hasn’t figured out that you have the hots for him. I mean…you were standing practically naked when he came to pick you up for that meeting and he still didn’t get the message.”
Belle rolled her eyes. “He thought I was running behind and he just sat down and worked on one of his numerous projects. Belle, you’re not dressed. I stood there another five minutes!”
Drinking wine. Watching him. She’d told him to get there an hour early for just that reason.
Glumly, she sighed. “I think what I’m going to have to do is just write it in giant block letters on his lab wall.” Pondering the possibility, Belle leaned back in her seat and sipped some sangria. The hot summer sun shone down on her mostly bare shoulders and the wind tugged at the dark hair she’d scooped up into a loose clip. “Dear Edwin Michael Reed, I’m in love with you. Please put move away from the microscope and kiss me. Love, Belle.”