Revisiting my FBI Psychics

I’ve had an idea bubbling for a story for Nalini and Tucker, who were introduced in The Reunited.

However, Berkley, the publisher for these stories, has no interest in buying any more paranormals from me.  So…my dilemma.

I’m open to trying to self-publish, but self-publishing comes with a lot of upfront costs and before I even consider it, I need to weight interest.

So, if you’re a reader of the FBI Psychics…I’d like to hear from you.  Here. Email. Tweet me. FB me. I don’t care. Just drop me a line and let me know.

Also, I’m looking at crowdsourcing the upfront costs, offering the book and other benefits to help cover those upfront cost.

I know some people hate it when authors crowdsource. Others don’t care.  One reason I’m considering it with this book is because they did start out in print, available in bookstores, etc and my distributor has a new program where I can get my self-pubbed books into bookstores, but again..upfront costs and sadly, as much as I long to see it happen, I’ve yet to cross over into the lifestyle of the rich and authorly famous. Infamous, maybe, but the rich…eh. Should I decide to move forward with crowdsourcing, there will be a book, I guarantee that. Having funds up front would simply allow for the best editorial, the best distribution, covers, etc.


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  1. Hi Shiloh, while I haven’t read ANY of your FBI Psychic books or any of your books I do have the FBI series on my TBR pile. If you want to consider self-publish your FBI psychics, I would check out this link to help you figure out this new road.

    Now Denise Grover Swank who I love, her Rose Gardners Mysteries, no one wanted to buy her first Rose Gardner book, so she decided that she would self-publish and then an publishing Co broughts rights to actually have her books in those traditional bookstores.

    IT is possible!!!!

  2. Kat, I’ve been self-publishing for a while, so I’m familiar with the terrain. But the FBI books are a bit of a different beast than my UF stories and there are other aspects that I have to consider.

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