REPOST: #notchilled Regarding certain titles

#Repost.  No new information, just an FYI, ICYMI:

I wish it hadn’t come to this, but the bottom line is, it has.

I received a check in August. It was February sales of my Ellora’s Cave titles. I’m not going to discuss contract terms, but lets say I’m months past when I should have received payment on sales in months following February and I’ve yet to receive another check.

I’ve reached out to the publisher, hoping for an amicable resolution and it hasn’t happened.

At this time, I’d like to request that my readers stop buying the titles below fromany and all retailers.  If I’m not going to get paid, and in a timely manner, I’d rather the books not be bought at all.

Her Best Friends Lover
Silk Scarves and Seduction
Never as it seems
Guilty Needs
One of the Guys
Lacey’s Game
Sexy Little Surprises

I would appreciate your support and understanding in this.  I worked hard and on each and every title I’ve written and it’s demoralizing to not be compensated for that hard work.

I will not be responding to questions or answering emails on this.  I’ve said pretty much everything I need to say and comments are closed.