The Conclusion…Thirty Nights With A Dirty Boy #3

It’s live.

Dirty Boy

The third and final part to THIRTY NIGHTS WITH A DIRTY BOY is now live on Heroes and Heartbreakers.  You can go here to read.

I hope you all have enjoyed!

4 Replies to “The Conclusion…Thirty Nights With A Dirty Boy #3”

  1. This story was soo good! I binged the first two parts last week and then was impatiently waiting for part three! I know we will be able to buy the three parts later on, are there any plans to sell them as one complete story?

  2. Thanks so much for doing a free serial. The story was captivating and I found myself checking my email every hour on Wednesdays waiting for it to be posted! Really nice job. I know they are going to be posted on Amazon come February, but I was wondering if you had any plans on expanding the story or continuing on in another book? Hard to say goodbye to Ella and Sean….

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