No rest for the wicked

I finished up a side project and edits all within the past week.  My brain is tired.

The MartianI haven’t had a day off in over two months.  If it’s not writing, then it’s editing.

I decided today that I’d take a day off.

The monster and I went out to breakfast and then to see The Martian.  It was excellent.  Also, we went somewhere that had pumpkin french toast. That was also excellent.

Then we went to find him a tuxedo or a suit.  Used, mind you.

Why?  Well, he’s going to be Lurch for Halloween. His sisters will be Wednesday…(s). From the Addams family.

Later, I plan on going to church, then having a glass of scotch and vegging out. Tomorrow, I will dive back into work and probably start on Ruined, the next Wrecked book and work on Kit, and another short story and probably some side projects that have been keeping me busy.

Sometimes, though, have you to let your brain rest. I’m also planning on watching more of The Walking Dead (I’m a late comer there and I love it) and maybe snuggling up with my guy.

FYI, if you haven’t seen The Martian…go see it.