There she goes…

I spent yesterday settling Diva into school. Two and a half hours away.  She’ll spent the next two years of her high school career living away from home.  Then it’s off to campus.

She’s excited.  I’m excited for her, and scared. And weepy.  Mostly excited and scared. And proud.  It’s a fantastic opportunity, there’s not doubt.

For those who saw the post earlier in the summer, she is still taking commissions if anybody would like pets or the like…

some of her art…

sketch $20-$25



A sketch like this would be about $20-$25, depending on the time involved.

$20-$25As you can tell, people really like her to draw cats.  But here’s one of my dogs.


This would be $15-20.

She’s done Kit chibis.  This one is mine and the original isn’t for sale… that’s Damon in the background.  He’s a tiny a little kitty!  But you can buy a high quality print copy for $10. I handle the shipping.

Kit & Damon

Also, the watermark and font and the bottom isn’t on the original.

Then her best one…



This one is pretty big… on about 11×17 paper.  It took her days.  Stuff this complex would cost more.  $75.

She does take commissions, but as you can tell by the images, she does better with fantastical type creatures, animals and uncomplicated chibi types.

She’s using the money she earns now for spending money, any trips and upcoming expenses over the next year or so.  The courses she takes are college level and she isn’t allowed to work while at the school, but she’s gotten used to earning money (and likes it), so if you have loved ones if your life who enjoys animals, maybe a cute, hand-drawn picture would be a great Christmas present… 😉  One guy ordered like four.

If interested, email me at shilohwalker2011 AT