Some lines just make ya smile…

Working on a novella right now.

This line…right here…


“I’ve dreamed about touching you a thousand times and now I am and my hands are shaking…”  


from the untitled WIP.


Then this one, from Sweeter than Sin


He’d loved her then.  He’d adored her then.


And of course…almost everything Micah in Deeper than Need says…


It could burn your penis!

and of course, a parent’s favorite…

 Micah’s shoulders slumped and he dragged every step of the way. Once he hit the door, he paused and looked over at her. “Mama, what’s fucking mean?”

She closed her eyes. This is just one of those things a parent has to handle, Trinity, she reminded herself.


And this bit from the next Grimm, Furious Fire…due out this fall.

“That’s why I am asking,” I snapped, even though some part of me was whispering be nice to the crazy man who can kill you with a blink.