Lacey’s Game…new-ish release 30% off

So this book had sort of a sneak release date…it’s an EC book and it ended up coming out right in the middle of deadlines, me getting ready for RT and my Secrets & Shadows releases and I didn’t really have time to prepare for the release or anything. So we’ll do it now! For those who like the older, menage style books I did with EC, this is right up your alley…. Also, it’s on sale, 30% off. Lacey’s Game Lacey's Game Lacey Morgan is fed up and heartbroken. Her boyfriend Brogan is all about control and she’s all about breaking through his barriers. Except she can’t seem to do it. Unwilling to settle for only part of him, she takes off, figuring it’s better that way. After all, half of a relationship is worse than none. She settles in with her best friend, hot and sexy photographer Lou, figuring she’ll lick her wounds and give her heart time to heal.

Finding Lacey gone is a punch to the gut. Finding her with another guy is even worse. She isn’t interested in listening to what he has to say, though. Not unless he’s willing to strip himself bare and give up pieces of himself that died long ago.


Lacey stared in shock, dazed delight, in fear as Lou told Brogan the code.

“My rules.”

He won’t… He’ll come in and start a fight, or he’ll leave—

But he came in. Came to her. Went to his knees in front of her. Lacey swore, her fingers trembling as he cupped her face in his hands.

“Your rules,” he muttered. “What are they?”

“You’re willing to play by my rules now?”

He slanted his mouth over her lips and kissed her—it was a punishing kiss, the kind of kiss she’d seen him give Grace, the kind of kiss he’d never bothered to give to her. She was too soft, too fun, too innocent…

She was all but dying with the pleasure as he kissed her.

“What are your rules?” he asked again. Something swelled inside her. Hunger, so wild and raw and fierce…

Lifting up, she braced her back against Lou’s body and reached for Brogan. With eyes that practically burned, Brogan came to her and she was pressed between them.

“Do I get what I want?” she demanded, averting her face when he would have kissed her.

“Tell me what it is,” he snarled, capturing her face by the chin and jerking her back to face him. As his mouth crushed to hers, he said it again. “Tell me what you want.”

But when he went to draw her against him, she shoved him back. Brogan obliged, moving back a few steps, and she continued to watch him, her breath coming in rapid pants as she said, “Everything you can give me.”

Brogan started to reach for her but she shook her head. “No. Not yet. We’re playing this my way.”

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