How do I get on your review list…

I’ve gotten this Q a lot lately.

I don’t exactly have a review list, although I’m slowly putting together a list of the people who have reviewed for me before in the past.

Sometimes my books go up on Netgalley (Deeper than Need is there now).  If you’re somebody who has requested my titles through them before and been accepted, you’re welcome to email me with a link to your reviews and I can add you to the list I’m slowly compiling.  I can’t guarantee this will get you a review, though…I turn this list over my publisher and they handle it.

Sometimes I do calls for open reviews here on the blog, especially for my Samhain books or my self-pub books.

The other way to have a chance at early reads or to get in on blog tours (including reviews) is to join my Street Team.  The street team does involve a commitment, though.  You can read about it here.