Long for Me… one more day!

Tomorrow, the conclusion to the Bell family story is wrapped up with the release of LONG FOR ME…of course, this doesn’t mean we’re leaving the SECRETS & SHADOWS series behind yet. There’s a lot more to come with the release of DEEPER THAN NEED.

But for now…




“That was mean, and stupid,” she said, the words rushing out of her.  “I don’t know why I said it. I’m never going to learn to think—”

He’d like to think he did it just to make her stop kicking herself.

But Guy would have given his left arm to have the chance to kiss her again.  And there she was, tears blurring her beautiful green-gold eyes, while the self-doubt and self-anger built inside her.

Because he hated seeing it, he caught her face in his hands and cut off her words by pressing his lips to hers.  “No,” he murmured as she stumbled to a halt, her lips still moving slightly against his as she sucked in a breath.  “Just no, Tink, okay?”

He went to pull away.

Her hands came up, fisted in the lapels of his suit.

“Do that again,” she said.

He stared at her.

“Chris . . .”

She licked her lips, her gaze locked on his mouth.  “There’s been nothing but noise in my head most of the day.  I’ve told you what it’s like.  Usually I can turn it down or tune it out better than this, but not today.  When you’re touching me, it’s better.”

She eased back in and pressed her lips to his again.  “Do it again.  But really kiss me.”

He tangled his fist in her hair.  “Chris, we said we weren’t doing this anymore.”

“Does that mean you don’t want me?” she whispered, easing back just enough to touch her fingers to his lips.

That light touch was a torturous pleasure, one that went flying through him, straight down to his cock, drawing his balls tight while he fought the urge to grab her dress, pull it up, and just bury himself inside her.

“Not want you . . .” He closed his eyes, struggled to think for just a blessed minute. Chris complained that she had noise in her head and he could believe it.  She lived her life like she was running at high speed and only had so much time to do the million things she had firing inside her head.  Guy had something in his head, too.

Just her.

Always her.

Slowly, he opened his eyes and looked back at her.

He tugged her up against him, her body flush with his.  His erection pulsed against her belly and her breath shuddered out of her. “Oh,” she whispered, a smile lighting up her face.  “You do want—”

Want has nothing on how I feel.  But you need to be sure this is what you want.  What you really want.”  He dipped his head but instead of pressing his mouth to hers, he angled her head back and pressed his mouth to the delicate notch between her collarbone, felt the soft gasp fall from her.  “It’s not just something you’re doing to kill the hours before you can sleep.  It’s not something you’ll regret in the morning.  You regretted it last time.”

“I didn’t.”  She slid her hands up, her fingers biting into his shoulders through the layers of clothes.  “I didn’t regret it. It was just . . .” She shook her head.  “You’re making me think too much but it wasn’t regret.  Anything but that. And I won’t regret this. Give me tonight, Guy.  Please.”


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