Friday 56

Hey all!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  How is everyone?  Well, we’ve all made it through another week….yay!! And it’s also closer to RT, for those who are going (and don’t forget to track down Shi and say hello *G*). If you’re going, I”m jealous, but have fun and be safe. I adore the French Quarter, and am eager to hear all the fun stories.

And since it’s Friday, I thought I’d get us started with a fun post…Friday 56. If you know how to play already, grab that book and post!  If not, don’t worry. It’s super easy. Grab the closest book (I don’t care if it’s something you’re reading currently or not, just whatever is closest to you at the moment), turn to page 56 and give me the 5th full sentence.   Mine this week is from Kim Harrison’s The Undead Pool, which released back in February.

” ‘What about my car?’ I said flatly, and he chuckled.”

One last request, as more of us, myself included, are reading ebooks, I want to find a way to make this game ebook friendly. Thoughts, anyone?

6 Replies to “Friday 56”

  1. “Her throat dried up as she glimpsed a flicker, a bare splinter of lost time.”

  2. Only thing I’m reading is edits. Does that count? From SWEETER THAN SIN… “Rita, if you need to take time off-”

    Rather tame considering how messed up the characters in this book are. 😉

  3. “Ah…I’m afraid my companion is more impatient than I am.”

    from Sharpshooter by Cynthia Eden.

  4. From The Time Keeper by Mitch Album “He banged on the karst walls.”

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