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Break For Me


“How was your weekend?”

“Enchanting.”  That slow smile tugged at his lips and he asked, “Yours?”

She had to give the man credit.  With a lazy smile and a simple word, he turned her heart to putty and also managed to make her clench with want. Mouth dry, she had to swallow before she could say, “About the same.”



The look that must have been relief melted her that much more.  She went to say something else, but in that moment, an odd hush fell over the bull pen. She looked up and her belly twisted as she realized the guys were turning to look at her, one by one.

“What . . .” The question died as she caught sight of Chief Sorenson. He stood there, his eyes on her.

She didn’t even understand why, but the look on his face had the strength draining out of her legs.

She sagged back, bracing her hips against the desk as he came striding toward her.

“Jensen, I need to speak with you. Let’s go to my office.”


He reached out, touched her arm.

Dazed, she looked down at his hand and then lifted her eyes back to study his heavily lined face.

“Some kids were messing around, down at the river, at the park a few blocks outside of town,” he said, his voice level, pitched low so that only she could hear.  “Come on, now. Come to my office.”

She shoved off the desk, started to move.

But she didn’t head to his office.

She started to run.

By the time any of them realized where she was going, she was already out the door.

Distantly, she heard the slap of shoes behind her. She put on a burst of speed, but still, he caught up with her.

Dark, strong hands caught her arms.


Sucking in desperate breaths of air, she glared at Dean.  “Let me go!”




Her eyes were pure hell.

Reaching up, he cupped her cheek.

“Calm down,” he said softly.  “And I will.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down!”

“I’m not letting you run off in the middle of the street.” He shrugged.  “Sue me.”

Her mouth fell open and then, abruptly, she slumped, her narrow shoulders shuddering as she took in one slow, steadying breath.  “Okay,” she murmured.  “Okay.  I’m good.  I can walk.”

He let her go but instead of moving back, he held out a hand.  “I can walk with you.”

She eyed his hand.

He continued to wait.  “You really want to do this alone?”

She smacked her palm against his and then, as one, they started to move. She was painfully aware of the eyes on them, of Chief Sorenson drawing closer.

Even more, she was aware of the glittering ribbon of the Ohio, just barely visible through the buildings.

They started to walk, her heart pounding in her throat.

The park was only a few blocks away, something she could have reached in two minutes, easy.

It seemed to take forever, though.

By the time they got there, Sorenson was at her side.

And she was clutching Dean’s hand like he was the only thing keeping her from drowning.


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