Coastal Magic…and this thing that happened.

First… Coastal Magic rocked.

If you can get to Florida to attend this next year, I recommend. The panels are fun, readers, as always, are amazing, it’s really affordable and I met some awesome authors.

I finally got to meet Molly Harper, Ashlyn Chase, Jess Haines, Carrie Ann Ryan and James Tuck (and I know there were others, but I’m a ditz and THE THING THAT HAPPENED has killed my brain). I’ve known these authors a while, but never got to meet them.

Also got to talk with Kristen Painter and Angie Fox again. I’ve had one of Kristen’s books forever and I must read it. Also, I have to figure out how to see these biker guys that Angie knows.

And I have some new authors I’ll be checking out… Selena Blake, I’m sorry I scarred your brain, but hey, it was fun, right? 😉 I’m checking out Amber Belldene’s books because she was way, way cool to listen to.


I have to tell you this story. It started with this.

IMAG1293 (1)

This was on the display table … Aunt Matilda’s Jewelry Box… the vendor was selling jewelry at Coastal Magic.  This book.  That book?  It has Kit’s necklace.  My brain went into meltdown.  Why?  Because not that long ago?  Lynn was at a steampunk show, handing out books.  My brain imploded.  This woman had met Lynn Viehl.  I just knew it.  I looked at her… “You met her, didn’t you?”

She smiles at me.  “Yes, I did.”

“I hate you.”  I couldn’t help it.  It popped out of my mouth.  I looked at the book.  At her.  Then I said it again.  “She’s one of my two favorite authors.  And I’ll never get to meet her.  I hate you.”

She kinda laughed.  “It’s a book convention. Who knows, she could show up.”

I snorted.  Then I took a picture of the book, fully intending to email it to Lynn and tell her, “I hate you.”

This is clearly my theme.

Fast forward it to the booksigning.  I’m wandering around, killing time, not setting up my table, because I’m lazy and spastic and if I sit, I’ll spazz more.  But it’s almost time so I go to my table and Jenn, our lovely convention lady, is there.

So is somebody else.  I figured it was a reader, although readers weren’t in yet.

I go behind the table and the woman plunks down a bag.  “Here’s your damn bag.”

I blinked. Then I looked at the bag.  “You made this?”  It was a gorgeous bag. (FYI, I’m not ready yet. My table is a mess, I’m not ON yet…but here’s a lady with a bag).

She’s looking at me.  Jenn is looking at me.  Then she looks at Jenn.  “Let’s see if she figures out who I am.”

I look back at her.  She looks familiar.

“Do you know who I am?” she asked me and she seems to think I should know.

Again, yes, she looks familiar…sorta.  But I’m a ditz. And they keep staring at me.  And my belly is kinda twitching.  Because they are staring at me.  And she does look familiar.

That’s when it started to hit.

“Oh, no.”

She starts to grin.

“No way.”

That grin got wider.

“No. No. NO WAY.”

She started to laugh.

“You can’t be.”

She was laughing and then asked if I wanted to see her driver’s license.

She showed me her driver’s license, because I didn’t believe her.

Lynn fricking Viehl showed up at Coastal Magic.

I grabbed her and I hugged her and I screamed and I am unashamed.

She brought me my damn bag (I emailed her a while back and told her I’m never gonna win a damn bag from you).

She sat with me the whole signing and we went out to dinner.

Guys.  I met Lynn Viehl.

Year. Made.

IMAG1300 (1)
My damn bag, filled with snacks,
magazines, assorted goodies and a book.

15 Replies to “Coastal Magic…and this thing that happened.”

  1. I am so jealous of you and SO excited! One day, I want to have a fan girl moment like that with you!

  2. HOLY COW!!!!!! Yes, most definitely mind blown away completely. James is freaking awesome, so is Selena.

    OMG on your new bag and goodies!!!

  3. dayumn I’d loved to have been there to just see your face. Makes me even sadder to have missed this. I was supposed to go but was woken up on Thursday right before we left with the news my sister had passed. Oh well maybe next year. Too bad no one had a camera. Sounds like the time Christine Feehan came and asked to sit at our table at Lori Foster’s get-together. My friend didn’t recognize her but I did and asked her who she was and when she answered my friend started stuttering about how she loved her books lol. I cracked up.

  4. Best story ever! I’m glad I was there to witness. I got to meet her when she came to Carrie Ann Ryan ‘ s table and she shook my hand! She was so nice and I freaked a bit! Best weekend ever!
    Did she say how she knew you were there and when to come?

  5. OMG you met Lynn Viehl AND got a bag! You rock! I am so going to have to go next year. It’s in my backyard and everything. This year was a no go with starting the new job, but next year, I could possibly do it.

  6. You not only met her, she hunted you down. Way too cool.

    Because of you, I own and have read all of the Darkyn books and now the steampunk. Her books are like crack.

  7. Hey, I’d totally hunt her down, but she doesn’t do appearances. then she mentioned mega con… Which is when I’ll be in Scotland. Can you hear me scream?

  8. Dammit! I was so busy running around trying to make sure everyone had what they needed, I totally missed this! I remember someone mentioning you freaking out when someone came in but they didn’t say who it was! How did I not know she was coming?! lol. I’m glad you got to meet her. I’m sitting down at my computer to take care of some business, and I have a stack of books next to me that I’m using. I absolutely didn’t even realize that one of them is your book! I had it here the whole weekend! So now it’s not signed, and I’m lame like that! (btw, I’m the one you were talking with about Delilah S. Dawson’s books)

  9. That is such a great story!! I know how much you love her books, and I love that you went all fan-girl on her. That is how I feel when I first meet authors I adore – I was a nervous wreck meeting you the first time! 🙂

    I recently started reading Lynn’s work and love it. I have some on my TBR, thanks to you. She’s been by my blog a few times, and she is a fantastic author to host. And I SOOOO get what you mean about the bags – she is so gifted. I secretly want to enter to win my own contests when she’s offering a bag!

    I hope to get to Coastal Magic some day! Thanks for sharing your story!

  10. I’m such a fangirl I’m a little jealous of both of you!

    You’ll love the bag. I carry my Alphasmart around in mine. Yes, I have one of Lynn’s bags. (Bragging a little.)

  11. This is so cool–you are such a fan of hers, it’s awesome that she sought you out like that. I have a huge smile on my face, reading about it. Thank you for sharing something so positive and cool and awesome!

  12. That’s so great that you finally met her! Btw, that’s how I felt when I met YOU! Just saying… Except I was screaming inside lol!

  13. What a fantastic story. I’m jealous of both of you. Living in the UK I’m unlikely to be able to attend such events, but I can live vicariously through the blogs and still enjoy.

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