And that’s a wrap…done with Shattered, Zane & Keelie’s book

Finished this on Friday, promptly went out for drinks and dinner with my guy, because yeah, why not?

Now I have to do another read thru and get it sent in.  It’s not due until mid-March, but I was getting panicky because I always finish early and I hate not being done, with this off and to the editor by now.  But it’s done.

I had to rewrite the first half-almost completely, because it was going too dark and my contemporaries aren’t supposed to do that.  I want these to be lighter and fun, but Keelie was a complex character.  So I found a way to balance who she was/is with the lighter story I wanna tell with these. Job done, I think.

But that meant I had to delete chunks of the book.  There were chunks that had nothing wrong with them…but they didn’t fit with the new direction of the book.  So…here you go!  A chunk that was deleted.

This is Zane & Keelie’s book, btw, a follow-up to Wrecked.


Unedited, deleted scene from Shattered, due out sometime…um.  Sometime. 😉

She covered his mouth with her own.

If he kept talking, she’d just screw this all up again, she knew it.  Maybe she was just suffering from a weird sort of deprivation and once she’d handled that, she could think better.  She could talk to him and have a real conversation and…


Heated bliss rolled through her and she shuddered against him as he slid one arm around her waist.  His free hand settled on her hip and she could feel the length of him pressed against her from chest to knee. This she could without messing it up.

No thought required.

Just feeling.

She traced her tongue along his lower lip and to her utter delight, she felt him shudder.

Then, a split second later, he tore his mouth away from hers, a snarl on his face.


“Be quiet.”

She blinked, the growl in his voice catching her off-guard.  Awareness started to trickle through her and she lifted her lashes to look at him but then his hands were on her and they were moving.


She didn’t have a chance to process any more than that.

She was pinned between two very hard, very immoveable objects.  One was Zane—his chest crushing against her.  The other, something rough against her back. She felt it scraping through her t-shirt and the sensation only added to everything else as he wedged his hips between her thighs and moved against her.

“Open your mouth.”  His hand came up, cupped her face and when she didn’t comply fast enough, she felt his thumb pressing against her cheek. Instinctively, she opened, a whimper falling from her lips.  “Yeah…that’s it….”

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