ConFusion Schedule… this weekend

I’m attending my first ConFusion this weekend.  It’s in Detroit.  In January.  I’m going to freeze.

But I’ll have fun while I freeze.  I’m kinda excited, and kinda nervous. I’ve only attended one other con and that was a very last minute thing.  This is also my first *J.C.* appearance.  Now I’m really nervous.  Oy.

If you’re going, here’s where I’ll be.

Missed Trends in Urban Fantasy

Lucy A. Snyder, Christian Klaver, Mike Underwood, Courtney Moulton, J. C. Daniels

9am Saturday – Erie

Sometimes an idea fails to find an audience, or zeitgeist just zigs when a story zags. For whatever reason, there are a number of unexplored areas of Urban Fantasy that we might want to revisit.

Covers and blurbs for the self published

Sandra Tayler, Janet Harriett, J. C. Daniels, Laura Resnick, Rich Morris, Gretchen Ash

10am Saturday – Erie

One of the benefits of working with a publisher is all that they do to promote the book. Blurbs, reviews, and cover art do a lot to sell a book. When seeking to self publish, these aspects are just as important. This panel will discuss some of the best strategies for getting the most out of your options with marketing your work.

Legendary Romance

Jacqueline Carey, Sarah Zettel, J. C. Daniels, Sam Sykes, Merrie Haskell

4pm Saturday – Southfield

The Trojan War was fought for the love of one woman. Arthurian legend would be incomplete without the love stories. Quests are often undertaken due to an underlying romance, but our popular understanding of genre and various authors’ place within and among them seems to lose sight of this fact. Why is one writer’s love story paranormal romance, while another’s is a tale of fantasy?

How is Twitter changing writing?

Sam Sykes, J. C. Daniels, Carrie Harris, Kameron Hurley, John Klima

6pm Saturday – Rotunda

More than many other social media, Twitter allows anyone to interact with their favorite pop culture icons. A fan might tweet about a dream where she was rescued by Nathan Fillion only to have him respond with a “you’re welcome”. In this landscape, communication between and among fans and authors is in flux, breaking new ground and knocking down walls without apparent effort. How has this impact helped and hurt the speculative fiction landscape, and how will it continue to do so into the near future? You are encouraged to live tweet this panel.

J. C. Daniels – Ask Me Anything

1pm Sunday – Rotunda

Author J. C. Daniels is ready to talk about her writing, her reading habits, her upcoming publishing schedule, and her experience self-publishing Urban Fantasy.

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  1. If you email me with the location of your hotel, I am not a stalker, haha, I would be happy to give some pointers for places to eat or shop…if you need them. I know most cons keep everyone pretty busy…

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