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“You want to ask Damon?”

The knot in my throat was about the size of the EpcotCenter, lodged there. Choking me. Shooting to my feet, I crossed the room to the small bar area. There was a stock of packaged water and I needed something. “Sure. You can have him call me when he gets in—”

The prickle of heat that I’d felt from Doyle was nothing like the wave of it that rolled across of my skin in the next moment. Gripping my water in my hand, I stared at the bar. “Damon’s in the Lair, isn’t he?”

“Yeah.” Doyle stayed on the couch. I could see him from the corner of my eye and he was watching me.

I could see the concealed entrance where we’d entered. I hadn’t been aware of it until Doyle had brought me through just moments earlier. As the wave of heat grew stronger and hotter, I tried to decide. Did I run for it?

Doyle wouldn’t stop me. I knew that.

Not his fault.

Closing my eyes, I twisted the top of my water and lifted it to my lips.


My heart raced. It had been three weeks since I’d seen him. It seemed like longer. But it wasn’t long enough. I couldn’t—

The door opened. My hand convulsed on the water and the plastic crumpled. Lowering my gaze, I stared at the water and sighed. Dumping it in the recycler, I dried my hands off. I was surprised to see they weren’t shaking. That was nice, I thought. At least I could face him without showing how much of a mess I was.

He’d know, of course.

Damon always knew.

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4 Replies to “Broken Blade…out now”

  1. My copy is waiting for me on my Kindle. It’s calling my name…LOL

  2. Wow oh wow. I so want to say how freaking awesome it was. I started it last night at midnight and read till I passed out. Hubby came looking for me at 230 and I was asleep with the iPad on my chest on chapter 14. I just love how well the story flowed with all that happened from book two. I cried and rooted her on thruout the book. Thanks so much going to reread it again in a bit after the monsters go to bed. ( ie my two yr old and one yr old.) I know I missed a lot while reading with my sleepy eyes. lol can’t wait for book 4. Big happy grin on my face

  3. OMG. Just finished. Broken blade loved it. So glad she wasn’t broken the whole book but that’s just not kits style. I like How you have her get a tat to help get over her self being broken. I can’t wait for her and Damon to get back together because that’s what made me fall in love with the books in the first place. I like Justin as Well he is pretty aw. Doyle is greatxxxxxxxxx (edited cuz it had spoilers….sorry!) WOW! Love it. WHEN DOES THE NEXT ONE CHORE OUT?

  4. I second all the comments above. It was all I was hoping for and more. I’ve already reread it several times. And now the next one is soooo far away. Sigh

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