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I’m putting a complete list of my titles on my site, complete with publication year.  I break them down by series, by genre, by print, by ebook, but this lists all of them.  I’ll put the list here, but it will also be on a permanent list, with a link from my book shelf page.

**Note, I think I have them all.  But as you can tell, it’s a hell of a lot of books.  If anybody notices one that is missing, by all means, let me know. 🙂

Her Best Friend’s Lover (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2003

Whipped Cream and Handcuffs (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2003

Voyeur (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2003

The Hunters: Declan and Tori (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2003

The Hunters: Eli and Sarel (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2003

Make Me Believe (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2003

Touch of Gypsy Fire (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

The Dragon’s Warrior (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

The Hunters: Byron & Kit (e-ebook) Ellora’s Cave 2004

The Hunters: Jon & Lori (e-ebook) Ellora’s Cave 2004

The Hunters: Ben & Shadoe (e-ebook) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Once Upon a Midnight Blue (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Her Wildest Dreams (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Ellora’s Cavemen: Tales from the Temple IV (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Coming in Last (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Dreamer (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Mythe & Magick (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Mythe: Vampire (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Nebulous (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

His Christmas Cara (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Silk Scarves and Seduction (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Back from Hell (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2005

Telling Tales (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2005

Djinn’s Wish (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2005

Ellora’s Cavemen: Legendary Tails II (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2005

Every Last Fantasy (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2005

Good Girls Don’t (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2006

Sage (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2006

The Huntress (e-book short story) Samhain 2006

Hunter’s Pride (e-book) Samhain 2006

Malachi (e-book short story)  Samhain 2006

Talking with the Dead (e-book) Samhain 2006

Always Yours (ebook) Samhain 2007

I’ll Be Hunting You (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2007

His Every Desire (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2007

One of the Guys (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2007

The Missing Berkley 2008

Through the Veil  Berkley 2008

Hunter’s Edge (ebook) Samhain 2008

Beautiful Girl (ebook) Samhain 2008

For the Love of Jazz Samhain 2008

Vicious Vixen (e-book) Samhain 2008

Drastic Measures (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2008

Chains Heat 2009

Fragile Heat 2009

Hunter’s Need Berkley 2009

Taking Chances (includes Talking with the Dead & Vicious Vixen) Samhain 2009

Candy Houses (“Grimm’s Circle” series; e-book) Samhain 2009

Redeeming (e-book) Samhain 2009

My Lady (e-book) Samhain 2009

Playing for Keeps (e-book) Samhain 2009

One Night with You (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2009

The Dragon’s Woman (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2009

Guilty Needs (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2009

Hearts and Wishes (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2009

Veil of Shadows (sequel to Through the Veil) Berkley 2010

Broken Berkley 2010

Crazed Hearts (“Grimm’s Circle” series; e-book) Samhain 2010

I Thought It Was You (short story e-book) Samhain 2010

No Longer Mine Samhain 2010

Beg Me Self Published 2010

Tempt Me Self Published 2011

No Prince Charming (“Grimm’s Circle” series; e-book) Samhain 2010

The First Book of Grimm (“Grimm’s Circle” series; contains Candy Houses and No Prince Charming) Samhain 2010

Tarnished Knight (“Grimm’s Circle” series; e-book) Samhain 2010

Never as it Seems (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2010

A Forever Kind of Love (e-book) Samhain 2011

Locked in Silence (“Grimm’s Circle” series) Samhain 2011

Hunter’s Fall Berkley 2011

If You Hear Her Ballantine 2011

The Departed Berkley 2012

If You See Her Ballantine 2012

If You Know Her Ballantine 2012

Stolen Ballantine 2012

Grimm Tidings (“Grimm’s Circle” series; e-book) Samhain 2012

The Second Book of Grimm (“Grimm’s Circle” series; contains Crazed Hearts and Tarnished Knight) Samhain 2012

Blind Destiny (“Grimm’s Circle” series; e-book) Samhain 2012

Beautiful Scars (e-book) Samhain 2013

Lost in Love (includes A Forever Kind of Love & Playing For Keeps) Samhain 2013

The Unwanted (e-book) Samhain 2013

The Protected Berkley 2013

The Reunited Berkley 2013

Wrecked Penguin 2013


The Hunters

Tori and Declan (e-book; also see below) Ellora’s Cave 2003

Eli and Sarel (e-book; also see below) Ellora’s Cave 2003

Hunters: The Beginning (includes Tori and Declan Eli and Sarel) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Byron and Kit (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Jonathon and Lori (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Ben and Shadoe (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2004

Rafe and Sheila (e-book) Ellora’s Cave 2005

Hunters: Interlude Ellora’s Cave ((includes  Byron and Kit Jonathon and Lori)  2005

The Huntress (e-book short story) Samhain 2006

Hunter’s Pride (e-book novella) Samhain 2006

Malachi (e-book short story) Samhain 2006

Legends: Hunters and Heroes (includes The Huntress Hunter’s Pride Malachi) Samhain 2006

Hunting the Hunter Berkley 2006

Hunters: Heart and Soul Heat 2007

Hunter’s Salvation Berkley 2007

Hunter’s Choice (Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance)  2008

Hunter’s Need  Berkley 2009

Belonging (e-book; also see below) Ellora’s Cave 2009

Hunt Me (ebook) Self Published 2011

Hunter’s Fall Berkley 2011

Hunter’s Rise Berkley 2012



Sexy Little Surprises Ellora’s Cave 2012

Blade Song self-published 2012

Night Blade self-published 2013

Broken Blade self-published 2014


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