My new RS series…

This is going be another small town sorta thing.  Hopefully it will appeal to those who liked the Ash books.

It’s going to be have more stories, though.

There are going be a couple of e-novellas before the three full-length books are released in print.  Those books are:

Burn For Me

Break For Me

Long For Me

They’ll release in the spring.

The first book, Deeper than Need, will release in late summer, if I recall correctly.

Here’s a snippet from the first novella.


She wanted that purse.

Jennie Holmes didn’t covet a lot of things, but as she told stood behind the counter of The Madison Pizza Company, she decided she was going to let herself covet that purse.

It was a safe obsession. Vivid, murder red, butter soft-leather. It cost almost as much as she made in a week—it would have to.  It was a Coach purse.  She had an eye for those things, mostly because she obsessed over them.  Drooled. Coveted.

Sometimes when she went shopping in Louisville or Lexington, she’d even let herself pet them.

But she wouldn’t ever buy one. How in the hell could she buy a purse like that when she could barely afford to put food on the table?

Still, it was a safe enough obsession, because she knew she wouldn’t ever go and waste money she couldn’t afford to waste on something like a purse, not when her two boys needed shoes, not when she needed to figure out how to fix the roof, and not when she was still scrambling to pay the bills over the appendectomy she had to have last winter.

The owner of that gorgeous red purse stood in the doorway, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the dim light after being out in the bright sunny afternoon.

Jennie gave herself another second to lust as she gathered up a couple of menus and tried to not to notice the way somebody was grinning at her.

“If you keep staring at the purse, she’s going to think you plan on mugging her.”

Just the sound of that voice was enough to make her heart skip, and maybe it made her knees a little weak, although she managed not to let it show as she turned her head and looked into the dark brown eyes of one Tate Bell, her other obsession.

He wasn’t so safe.

And lately, she was starting to think she might have to give him up.

He was like too much chocolate, too much wine.  She wanted to gorge on him, but he was oh, so very bad for her.  If she could keep herself to just lusting after him, it wouldn’t be an issue.  Lust was nice. Lust was healthy.  But she’d let herself get lost in him.  Lost herself to him.

Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, if he could do the same.

But Tate had…commitment issues.

Hell, screw that. Tate had emotional issues.

With a lazy shrug, she said, “Nothing wrong with looking, sugar, right?”

A smile curved his lips.

That smile…damn it, that smile was what started it.  That was why she’d given into him in the first place, and all he had to do was flash her that smile at any given time and it made her want to forget herself all over again.

Forget the promises she’d made herself late last night, as she lay in her bed, with the scent of him still on her skin, while her heart split just a little more.

He might share her bed, but he wanted no part of her heart and she knew that.

She knew she needed to pull away from him.

What she didn’t know was if she could.

“You’re doing a lot more than looking at that purse, Jennie-girl,” he drawled, lifting his sweet tea to his mouth and drinking.  His throat worked and she had to look away before she started thinking about pressing her mouth to that strong, tanned lined.  Before she started thinking about how they’d ended up in the shower last night—he’d been all hot and sweaty from hours spent in his studio and she’d been the same from hours spent hustling pizzas back and forth here at the restaurant.

“Oh?”  She cocked a brow.  “And just what am I doing?”

“You’re practically drooling.”  He dropped his gaze to her mouth.

Out of reflex, she swiped the back of her hand over her mouth.  “I am…” Then she rolled her eyes.  “You need to finish your lunch and get out of my place, Tate.  I’ve got work to do.”

“That was a subtle change of subject.  Go on, go back to lusting over pretty purses.  I’ll pretend not to notice.”  He winked at her.


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  1. Sounds like a good one, but then again so is everything else I’ve read of yours. 🙂

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