Just a heads’ up

Sometime soon, I’ll be posting calls for bookclub reads on the Kit books.

If you’re not familiar with my bookclub, the info is here.  I won’t announce this – it will be for current members of the mailing list only.  Book clubs must be established book clubs, with a minimum of five members.

Please note, there is already a lot of interest and the purpose of the bookclub is to help spread the word about my books, so I do tend to go with the bookclubs who seem to be the most willing to do that.  Having an online presence is helpful-blogs, twitter, etc. Plus, members need to be willing to post reviews to sites like Amazon &/or BN.

If you are in a bookclub and might be interested, check out the link above… it’s also in the sidebar. Info on how to join is via that link. 🙂

Just an FYI, this isn’t a giveaway… there are no odds of winning, etc.

There will be giveaways.  Just later.

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  1. What’s going on with Amazon & eBook copies of Night Blade??? Bought of a couple of months ago, read it – loved it … went back &retrieved of from A & it comes back with contents re Shay … 5 times now. I want Colbana, not Shay (all got her) .. any ideas???

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