Addressing a few Qs about the FBI books

I’ve mentioned a few times that The Unwanted is currently only available in ebook.

Back in May, I discussed the fact that I was going to try something new with the FBI books…trying some shorter stories with Samhain, which is a digital first publisher.  The books will be shorter, the prices will be lower.  I’m trying to pick up some new readers for the series and generate some interest…which I need to do, otherwise, the series is going to be put to bed.

So far, it looks like The Unwanted is doing okay, and that’s awesome.

But it will be a while before it hits print.

I’ve mentioned a few times, here, on twitter, on facebook, etc that it’s too short to go into print on its own.  Some stories just aren’t intended to be full length books and this was one of them.

For shorter books, digital first publishers will pair books together to put them into print.  That’s what will happen here.

My editor does want another shorter story that I wrote, The Innocent, that’s not yet on the schedule.  Once that one is released, the print release will be scheduled, roughly 6 months or so down the road from the ebook release of the second book.

I realize it’s a wait… I’m sorry.  I hope my print readers will understand.

4 Replies to “Addressing a few Qs about the FBI books”

  1. I certainly understand. Personally, I want you to do whatever it takes to keep publishing the FBI books. I am reading The Unwanted right now. I purchased it from iBooks.

  2. Well I am one of those new readers for your FBI series. I have read most of your books and have loved them but have never gotten this series. The rest are now on my kindle because I really loved The Unwanted. I did leave a review on amazon with my thoughts and i am looking forward to The Innocent.

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