Things that make me feel good

Goal achieved… that was easy.  100 Comments made.  I’ll be making that donation to Girls Write Now.  

… So a racist, misogynist dude decided to use the SFWA twitter feed (it’s been deleted, don’t look for it) to further his own hateful agenda.

Freedom of speech, yadda yadda yadda, but such use of the feed was expressly forbidden, I believe.

Anyway, it pisses me off. I like to turn hate into good things. He gets lots of comments on his blog, lots of pats on the back from people who think women ruin SF and belong in the kitchen, barefoot, probably, etc. So I’m going to do this.

For every comment that blog post gets, up to $100, I’m donating $1 to Girls Write Now, a charity that serves girls/women in New York City.

Cuz while spewing bile is his thing, kindness is mine.

Comments off and I totally moderate comments, especially from hateful trolls.