Job opening

Spam me, and I reserve the right to mock you.

Which I’ll do.  I got this in my email…seriously.  I added my thoughts in bold.

– Requires five years customer service experience or two years general office experience …well.  I do work in my office.  Sometimes in my jammies.  Or yoga pants.  Does that count?
– A strong work ethic and positive attitude … a positive attitude?  Clearly you don’t know who you’re talking to.
– Wide Inter-personal skills, organization skills, strong analytical ability … um… or gan izah shun…you got me.  I’ve no idea what this word means.  Let me go google–ack!  MY EYES… MY EYES!
– Must have experience, confidence, and ability to conduct security briefings and interviews when required … can I record these briefings and post them to youtube?
– Must have experience executing vendor contracts and price negotiation skills … so check. The vendors get the highest costs they want.  They got families. Right?
– Knowledge of word processing, database, and spreadsheet software … well.  I can help you with the word processing thing, but to the rest, you’re on your own.
– No drug misdemeanors within the past 5 years and ability to pass a drug screen … but if I’ve got a drunk driving record or broke into the bank across the way, that’s all good, right?

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  1. That’s excellent. xD I love reading spam e-mails, and making my own little comments. You just made my day. 🙂

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