My winners…!

Winners from the Deadly Desires Giveaway…

Michelle Wilson (wins book)

Viki Sloboda (wins book)

Danielle E Tweet (wins book)

Krystle Watts (wins the GC)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ladies, if you can email me the following info…

  • the email you would have used to enter the contest (verification-I’ve had confusion with two Jills/Marys/Sues claiming the same prizes, etc, so I need that email)
  • if you won a book, please give me the email to send the book to
  • the format you prefer.

Krystle, I need to know which email you use for claiming GCs, and which store, Amazon or BN.

send the info to shilohwalker2011 at You’ll get an auto-reply…I’m traveling some still through mid June so that’s just so I’m not overwhelming dealing with travel, work and trying to stay on top of email.

Make sure you give me the above info so I can get you your prizes ASAP.  Per my disclaimer, people have 2 weeks from today to claim their prizes.

thanks for playing!

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