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Try a little tenderness…

I’m not here today. Kit and Damon can keep you company. Be quiet. They are having a moment. A dirty one.

Night Blade

“You’ve always been really good at distracting me in the shower,” I teased. I leaned in and flicked my tongue against his lips. “Why don’t you do it again?”

He watched me, dark eyes hooded. “You need to not think, baby girl?”



He didn’t give me the distraction in the shower.

Figures he wouldn’t cooperate and nothing I said or did would change his mind.

He did take the time to stroke me down, head to toe, with some of the soap he knew I liked, although I don’t know how he got his hands on it. I had it made for me and it wasn’t anything you could buy at a store or online.

He washed my hair and tucked me back onto the bench while he dealt with his wet clothes and washed up, his gaze ever watchful…hungry. It was the look that turned my blood into lava and made me wish for crazy, needy things.

Crazy, needy things that he had the damnedest way of understanding.

I was about ready to self-combust by the time he turned off the shower. I went to stand up and he was already there, picking me and carrying me out of the ridiculously lush enclosure, setting me down and drying me off with a towel that was even warmer than the water had been.

“You do realize if you try and do something nice and gentleman-like, I’m going to punch you,” I told him.

He laughed a little.

“You do realize I can still see where something took a bite out of your side, Kit.” He splayed a hand over the wound. It didn’t ache nowhere near bad as it had earlier, although I could still feel the tug of healing flesh deep inside. “And there’s still some swelling here…” He touched gentle fingers to the back of my scalp and I grimaced at pain emanated out, a little starburst radiation.

“I know. They didn’t do a full healing. But I’m not fragile.” I turned around and slid my arms around his neck, leaning against him and pressed my lips to his. “I’m bruised and battered—doesn’t mean I’m broken.”

“No…you’re not. But I think I can take you in the bed instead against the damned wall,” he muttered against my mouth.

Hot little shivers raced through my belly and I smiled as he trailed his lips down my neck, biting me right where it curved into my shoulder. “Oh, I can deal with that, I think.”

He boosted me up and I wrapped my legs around his hips, sighing in pleasure as I felt the heat of him nudging me between my thighs. This…just this. This was what I needed, what I wanted.

I curled around him, my nails digging into skin as he went to lay me down and he shuddered. “Drives me nuts the way you do that.” He nipped my lower lip.

“Do what?” Whatever it was, I needed to know so I could it a lot.

“Do everything.” He trailed a path down my collarbone, caught the tip of my nipple in his mouth and tugged. “Everything you do drives me nuts. Either you make me want to beat my head against a wall, or I want to put you against a wall and do this…”

He slid a hand between us… from NIGHT BLADEwhich is now in ebook & print. 🙂

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